What liberal media?

In a story that has been amply reported all over the Internet but deemed not fit to print in, say, the New York Times, (white) union thugs pummelled a (black) conservative at a Town Hall meeting, putting him in the hospital. This was not a racist incident because the guy was a conservative. Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

But now comes a new liberal slant to the story: the sorry son of a bitch was uninsured and has to seek donations to pay for his medical care. That wouldn’t be necessary under ObamaCare – he could be beaten, kicked and stomped for his views but Uncle Obama would makes sure his bills were paid. Pretty good deal, eh? So shut your yap.

In an updat, buried at the end of the article, the writer concedes that the guy was insured, but that’s irrelevant, to him – and to me, come to think of it.


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7 responses to “What liberal media?

  1. HG

    “House leaders late Monday dropped plans to spend $550 million on Air Force passenger planes for use by senior government officials”

    Democracy might work. Also, so far, CF has not been locked up by forces of Obama, even after patriotically turning himself in to health care monitoring authority.

    Unless he has been locked up and the site is being run by fake government CF.

  2. Anonymous

    See Cliff Asness’ amusing (and detailed) explanation of the absurdity of the proposed healthcare communism?

    Asness emailed it to the WH web site for reporting any dissenters and traitors…and posted it on his blog

  3. Anon E. Moose

    I have another recent anecdote – National Palestine Radio’s “This American Life” dragged out a 2005 episode to fling onto the interwebs that portrayed a convicted arms dealer as a bumbling rube and patsy of the evil and unscrupulous government informer crucial to his conviction, and the Federal prosecutor’s office were merely along for the ride as the informer railroaded the defendant with our government’s help.

    Why now, you ask? What possible relevance could this stiry have in 2009? The prosecutor was Steve Christie. Nope, no agenda here.

  4. Pete

    Today’s editorial in Greenwich time entitled, “Tactics Moving Beyond Protest” states, “But evidence has arisen that disturbances are being inspired and paid for by corporate and political interests who are dead-set against heath reform. Memos spread online about how to disrupt a meeting and shout down the opposition.” Nothing about the thugs on the other side.

  5. Anonymous

    @ Pete,

    I have no idea how old you are or whether you’re old enough to remember the late 60’s early 70’s.

    I also have no idea how much this has been astroturfed, but it’s beginning to remind me of the hippy/yippy/weather underground/Chicago 7/SLA/Black Panthers era of the far left.

    No matter who funded those groups or their original motives, they did manage to tap into a very deep anger and fear within a certain subset of the general population. The government played into their hands with the events that took place at Kent State.

    It’s amazing how fast the far left forgot their roots and seem to be doing face plants when the same tactics are applied to them now that they hold those positions of power and priviledge.

    I can’t honestly say whether or not I’m in favor of single payer Government health care because I simply don’t have enough information and time to discover how it works. I am no happier with the speed they are trying to force this through than I am with the tax-payer funded bank bailouts of last Fall.

    I suspect the speed is the problem…leave this issue off the table until we’ve gotten a handle on the massive govt debt bubble and the instability of the banking system and blatant fraud that occurred in the mortgage industry at all levels.

  6. Pete


    I was around in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Actually I got out of the Army in 1969. I was not in Vietnam. I was probably a lot more liberal then but not politically active and not anti war. I think the difference now is that there is a lot more exposure of the hypocrisy on the left and of the grass roots arguments against having a health care plan pushed down our throats. I hope at least enough of the Democrats realize that their jobs may be in jeopardy if the try to rush it through. One thing I have noticed is that more protesters against the current bills seem to have read them than the politicians.

  7. Same Anon

    Thanks for responding, Pete. I guess I misinterpreted your original post. I apologize.

    I don’t like astroturfing on either side but we have to be aware of it when it conflates with genuine anger.

    I have no idea what to make of these “uprisings”, I only know that I find them more than disturbing.

    And that’s what is so frightening.

    Lastly, may I say thank you to you for your service?
    Sincerely meant,
    Anonymii 21435