Another dedicated educator

Hamilton Avenue School principaltakes better job elsewhere, effective September 4th. I don’t know her personal circumstances but this seems cheesy to me.


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8 responses to “Another dedicated educator

  1. Jane

    And you wonder why we consider private schools? The turnover is ALL the elementary schools is terrible. Just not enough continuity to accomplish anything.

  2. Old School Grump

    Something seriously foul is afoot here. A professional educator who values his or her reputation wouldn’t quit a job on such short notice three weeks before the school year begins. Note also that she leaves Friday, Sep 4 and starts the new job on the very next business day; clearly there are considerations of continuity of pension or seniority involved. I have to assume there is a three-way quid pro quo here among Greenwich, the hiring district, and madam principal. Please keep us former residents up to date on whatever unfolds.

  3. Anonymous

    Jane, just what makes you think that there isn’t also a dismaying amount of turnover in Greenwich’s private elementary schools?

    Consider this: remember a few years ago when an elementary teacher at Greenwich Academy used a stolen credit card to buy some clothing, signed her own name on the receipt, and later returned and was caught trying to torch the store to destroy the evidence?

    As I recall, she had to give up her position at the school.

    And that’s just one example. I think you’d be hard put to find a similar one at a Greenwich public school.

  4. Front Row Phil

    I’ve sent two kids through the G’wich PS system and have been flabbergasted at the high rate of turnover among principals and other administrators. I’d love to know if it’s unusual … why it occurs … if these job hoppers intentionally use G’wich as a stepping stone … and what, in general, is going on! Someone in this town must know the answers to those questions — but who?

  5. Anonymous

    The Principle of another school who couldn’t wait until the end of the school year, now moves to Hamilton Avenue?
    I’m completely blown away. Here’s to another 19 years!

    Teacher centred or Student centred?

    This is no joke.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Agreed Anon. By the way, I have seen many a local private school teacher resume on the desk of our public school principal’s desk… The pay and the benefits are way better. Perhaps Jane should actually have some facts put together – before – you know – Assuming – ass, u, me…

  7. Anonymous

    Anon @8.24
    Your example sounds like a mad woman. Even the Congress has some of those. Doesn’t reflect the quality of private schools.

    Surely the resumes seen, are because the private schools readily dispense with the low achievers in their staff.
    Don’t you just wish the turnover in the public system was even greater sometimes???

  8. anonymous

    Damaris Rau is/was one of the finest in our public schools. She was asst principal when my children were at Parkway. She was more effective and more respected than the principal at the time. Always fair but tough as nails. Never took any crap from the parents there who threatened and demanded certain teachers, etc. The fact that she stayed from the very beginning to the never ending completion of the Hamilton Ave disaster is a credit to her and shows her dedication. I wish her well.