Greenwich Time still likes the grandfather angle

“Pemberwick grandfather found competent to stand trial” its headline reads and again I ask, what could possibly be relevant about this murderer’s spawning history? He shot and stabbed his former daughter-in-law to death – that would seem to be useful information. His age: 78, is of interest, I suppose, if only because people his age usually don’t do such things. But that he sired children who in turn sired their own at some point? As useful and relevant as the type of car he drives (a Buick Roadmaster, if you care, or so Edgar Martins reports).

This attempt to “humanize” a vicious killer is the product of the same idiot editor who yesterday used the opposite approach to report on the tragic death of a sweet 23-year-old girl in a traffic accident. Do you suppose that the flaks Hearst has assigned to cover Greenwich hate our town and applaud when bad things happen?


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2 responses to “Greenwich Time still likes the grandfather angle

  1. Anonymous

    Humanize him? Nah. They were just looking for a lurid headline.

    If they had really wanted to humanize him, they’d have written something like “Elderly Pemberwick Grandpa…”

  2. Front Row Phil

    CF: Get your shallow, idiot, hack terminology right. It’s not “flaks,” but “flacks.”