Timberdoodle bought Mel Gibson’s place

That’s what a reader reports and readers on this blog seem never to be wrong when it comes to real estate rumors. Haven’t confirmed it yet but it makes sense – big spread (75 acres?) on Old Mill , definitely for sale and with Mel and his wife heading for divorce, probably available at a good price. Originally listed at $39 million, marked down to $35 or even $30, I bet he got it in the low twenties or high teens.


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15 responses to “Timberdoodle bought Mel Gibson’s place

  1. Anonymousse

    I don’t see it, no matter the price. Timberlake is too young to want to such a large estate property, let alone live in Greenwich, even part time. He does carry a single digit golf handicap so perhaps the house deal came with a membership at Stanwich Club. I would have bet money he bought the Conyers Farm house, only because there are other Hollywood types there. Never the Sherwood Road place. Where’s Scusie when we need her?

  2. Anonymous

    Must be crappy land if traded for so little

    Didn’t a GS guy pay ~$1MM/ac for ~18 acs on RHR in ?’08?

  3. Stanwich

    I always liked Mel’s place, did he ever live there?

    A true great estate, they don’t make them like that anymore.

  4. shoeless

    He recently bought a place in the city, so perhaps it’s his country estate.

  5. Anonymous2

    Post reports he bought in Conyers Farm for $16 or $18.

  6. Who cares

    Justin is just a flash in the pan. No Sinatra. He will just drag Greenwich lower. He is no Diana Ross either. Justin is just a lot of hype. A Musical act malfunction.

  7. Anonymousse

    I agree Stan, Mel’s place is one of the best and that’s why I don’t figure JT to buy it – he’s too young to appreciate such a classic. I peg him for a new home with all the bells and whistles, and more, a gated access like Conyers. Even at 75 acres, Mel’s house is “accessible” where Conyers isn’t. Must be a slow real estate day that we’re talking about Justin Timberlake. C’mon CF, dig up something better. Even a Himes story.

  8. Accolay

    I disagree, Anonymousse. Although Conyers Farm is in back country, it seems pretty accessible especially considering the fact that you can’t get 10 acres in a gated community anywhere else in the country that close to a city like NYC. That said, Gibson’s place is a treasure and Timberlake is way too Hollywood for a place like it.

  9. Wally

    Can’t imagine why a 28 year old would want the responsibility and expense of a 75 acre estate. More likely the Conyers Farm house (so says Page Six in the NY Post today), especially because of the security. It’s also pretty accessable to NYC – just jump on the Merritt Parkway.

  10. Stanwich

    Right on, Mousse. I love that house. CF, have you been in Mel’s place? What’s it like to walk in the clouds?

  11. Anonymousse

    Accolay, I meant “accessible” in the paparazzi sense, not getting in or out of town. JT is still hounded by cameras so Mel’s house is too wide open with 75 acres that photogs could get in and around. For those who need/want security, Conyers is the be all/end all (IMHO)

  12. Krazy Kat

    Hey Chris, did the value of “near Conyers” properties just tick up with the music crowd? Maybe I can sell my place to some lesser rapper with money to burn. “Quick access” to the Merritt might appeal to the banger crowd…..

    • christopherfountain

      Krazy, I really don’t know much about her and couldn’t remember her name when posting that entry but I figured the link went to the full article and readers who were interested could learn her identity there. I don’t visit Slate often.

    • christopherfountain

      Wonderful story about a certain wealthy resident’s reaction when she heard that the rapper fifty cent was interested in buying a new $14 million house on John Street. He didn’t.