Greenwich shunned him now Miami Democrats don’t want George Lindemann,Jr.

Hard to believe, but George and his electrifying personality got all the way up to being named fund raiser host for a Democrat politician before someone remembered his conviction and jail time for killing his horse up here. “Pederasts, junkies, even axe murders are okay,” a polictico speaking anonymously said,”this is Miami, after all. But the PETA folks just lose their fucking minds over a guy who plugs in his horse to an electrical socket. Maybe he should move to Philadelphia.”


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7 responses to “Greenwich shunned him now Miami Democrats don’t want George Lindemann,Jr.

  1. just curious

    He’s so gross. I am so fascinated by how delusional these people are – Lindeman/Noel etc. – do you think any of these people are ever going to be sorry for what they have done?

  2. Anonymous

    “A polictico speaking anonymously” ???

    C’mon Chris. That’s you talking. I sense your sense of humor.

    Very funny.

  3. adam lindeman

    yea, george’s brother adam dumped his wife, former elizabeth graham of greenwich, to marry the ugly grand-daughter of moshe dyan and become an “art” dealer. what a dumpy family.

  4. noel lindeman pair

    what a pair (not talking breasts).
    they look perky together (not talking breasts).
    they make you smile (we are talking about monica and mrs lindeman sitting together).

  5. 100 years ago

    reading this makes you wonder what a great place greenwich was just 100 yrs ago