Shocker – real estate agents tell the truth about the market

Or at least that’s the theory behind this survey of agents. Responders were offered anonymity in the hope that, thus freed from worry about what their peers and customers would think, they’d be honest. I like the theory but I wonder how many of those polled  were able to overcome years of training and practice. Still, it looks interesting (I’ve skimmed the highlights but haven’t read the 4,000 pages of the survey itself).


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4 responses to “Shocker – real estate agents tell the truth about the market

  1. Retired IB'er

    The truth shall set you free!

  2. '73Refugee

    The truth shall set you free!

    Yes. Sometimes it even gets you fired.

  3. Walt

    Dude Man –
    So here is what I learned today.
    1) You have a corn fixation. HMMMMM.
    2) You had a problem with Bud Dealy. Hey (HAY!!!) he was a “real estate professional”. So no one liked him. Just like you !! But you do amuse me. I am not really sure why. For what its worth. Get it? Get it!!!
    3) You think “professional real estate agents” are capable of telling the truth. EVER!!! Dude – I have a great deal for you. Mianus River Bridge. I will get you a deal. Meet me at Thataway’s, lets have a drink, and I will sell you a sure thing. Bring a certified check. Make it out to Monica.
    You kill me Dude.
    Your Pal,

  4. Interesting… Too bad so many agents think they have to hide behind anonymity in order to tell the truth. I’m a broker owner and I encourage my agents to say it like it is. Yes, I’ve “lost” business because I’ll tell someone now is not the time to sell their home, or I’ll tell a buyer that a home isn’t for them.

    But this “lost” business ultimately pays us back in the long run. People appreciate being told the truth, they appreciate not being taken advantage of and “sold” to. And when they appreciate you and your honesty, guess what?

    When the time is right they come to you for help. And they tell their friends and family about you too…