Still no Antares sighting but Scusie’s back with whatever the hell it is

Scusie demonstrating affect of too many doggie bags from Valbellas
Scusie demonstrating affect of too many doggie bags from Valbellas

Yup, our local paper once again throws caution to the winds and brings us Scusie the Gossip, with stories entirely devoted to who eats where in town. Frank Gifford is there, of course, as is Regis, Michael Bolton and the child of any celebrity Scusie, if no one else, has ever heard of. If there is a point to her column, it eludes me.


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8 responses to “Still no Antares sighting but Scusie’s back with whatever the hell it is

  1. Anonymous

    “If there is a point to her column, it eludes me.”

    It’s fun Chris. That’s the point. It’s fluffy and fun, and even if some of it’s make-believe, it’s still a lot more fun to read than than Susan Nova’s column. Hell, Susan probably makes up twice as much stuff as Susie, and her column still isn’t half as much fun.

    Stop being an old fuddy-duddy CF and have some fun!

  2. Anonymous

    As many hedgies who appreciate good Manhattan grub at Daniel/PerSe/LeBernardin observe, Greenwich’s biggest downside is the awful local grub, like suburbs anywhere…a painful lifestyle cost of avoiding NYC taxes, housing costs and ~100mins daily roundtrip drive time

    No surprise that entertainment industry clowns would choose to eat crap up in the suburbs; the trailer park deluxe ethos of that moronic industry is always amusing

  3. cos cobber

    CF, I’m not quite sure why you don’t like scusie either.
    When she is not writing about valbella’s, the giffords, regis
    and bolton the column is fun.

    Ps the st siena carnival last night was a good time. Kiddies liked it.
    The scene might provide for the most interesting mixing of people
    Of any event in town.

    • christopherfountain

      Oh, I realize my criticising the lady is very much a case of the pot (belly) calling the kettle black, Cos Cobber – I post as much gossip as I can find, so what the heck. But I do wish she had something to say other than where Frank Gifford is dining or where his little girl is getting her haircut. I admire the Giffords as much as anyone does but there must be more to even Scusie’s life than them. Where are the great stories of yesteryear, like when George Scott and his wife Trish Vanderveer lived on Meadow (Meadow? Off of Zaccheus Mead) and wailed on each other in huge, sprawling drunken fights. Those entertaining melees spiced up the police blotter on a regular basis and were so much fun. A more contemporary example might be the fights between Peter Brandt and his model wife – where is Scusie on that one? So I’m all for her continuing her gossip column but I hope she’ll branch out from the Valbella parking lot and the Greenwich Avenue CVS.

  4. Pete

    Meadow Lane. Through the stone arch.

  5. Anonymous

    “Peter Brandt and his model wife ā€“ where is Scusie on that one?”

    I remember reading about those Scott/Vanderveer bouts; I’d have paid big money for a ticket to them. Those were the days.

    But things like that and Brandt/Seymore where the police are called are news items, not gossip. And, as such, by the time Susie’s column rolls around, they’ve already been published. Give her a break.

  6. Don’t get me started on the pap published in the local rag…it was always thus, and thus it ever will be, until Hearst Newspapers finally gets tired of subsidizing the Susie/Brucey crowd and pulls the plug. Personally, I say it can’t come too soon….

  7. Nat

    Van Devere is her last name.