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There’s an article in the Washington Post today that claims to identify the “35 best iPhone apps in 2009”, but the WaPo’s site is so cluttered with popups, video ads and God knows what else that it’s impossibly slow and I only got through the first 9 (none of which appealed to me) before quiting.  So no link for them.

But there are some really cool applications, some free, some not so free, that I’ve either been playing with or want to. Google has a new app that allows searching by voice. Amazing. Click the button, speak your search term and a flawless transcription produces instant search results. Cool.

And for fishing or sailing, the free tide schedule from Shralp  is also neat. Hold the screen verticle and see a table of the the next tides in, say, Stamford (or Miami or Australis, wherever you select). Turn the phone horizontal and get a scrollable chart.

There’a $70 GPS maps program that I’ve resisted buying so far, but the reviews are excellent and even at this price it’s going to give Garmin and Tom Tom fits, if it provides the voice instructions, detailed street mapping etc. that it says it does. The days of the stand-along GPS for cars is over, but I’m guessing this program will drop way down in price as competitors show up.


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  1. Anonymous

    CF, what browser do you use? Try Firefox with the Adblock Plus add-on. It’s really effective at cleaning up a lot of the garbage you see on many web pages.

    In the case of the WP, it doesn’t affect the promotions that WP puts up promoting its own content, but it pretty much wipes out third party ads.

    Don’t leave your home page without it!

  2. anon

    Most of those silly aps are a waste of time and money.
    You can get tide info for free by going to this web site http://www.maineharbors.com/ri/tideri.htm

    I get GPS on my Blackberry Storm for free using the Google maps ap. It also gives you free traffic info.
    I’m not sure how well this all works on the iPhone since ATT coverage sucks in Greenwich. But they work great on Verizon.