Someone’s picking on Walt Noel

A reader sent me this link to a WSJ article which I missed in all the excitement of setting up my new business venture (below). Massachusetts’s AG rejected an offer from FGG to compensate all that state’s victims for every penny they lost. The AG claims his state’s residents lost $6 milion with FGG, FGG said “okay, here: take it back”. Not sufficient. The AG wants more discovery and, prossibly, this being a position held by politically ambitious persons (see Blumenthal, Richard, eg), a show trial. Hmmm. More fun scheduled for September 9th.


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8 responses to “Someone’s picking on Walt Noel

  1. 09/09/09

    Oh my, oh my, oh my! Walter is headed back to Boston. Reunion, no. Judge, yes. Does Jimmy Stewart play well in Boston? It will be Walt’s Head on the Charles. Will Andres have his boat parked on the water?

  2. make a name for myself galvin

    excuse me while I grab a few headlines for myself.

  3. Fake Walt

    Has the world gone mad? First off…don’t believe everything you read. Second…to settle is to admit guilt and I refuse to do that since I did nothing wrong.

    Ok…so… a few feathers got ruffled…a few club memberships were not renewed. The Bentley was traded in for a Kia…dad switched from rare imported single malt whiskey to Colt 45…mom has one credit card which she uses at Walmart… the son is attending Howard instead of Harvard…the daughter’s Mandarin Chinese lessons are cancelled….live-in nannies and personal chefs have mysteriously vanished…… …the cable package no longer includes HBO, Showtime and Cinemax…The New York Times and Wall Street journal subscriptions have been replaced by the New York Post and the Greenwich Post…the AC is on “save mode” and the lights are off at night.

    You get the point? things are going to be ok. Can we please just move on and forget about all this?

    Off to Portofino

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  4. Mark J Stein vs. Sec State Galvin

    Super lawyer Stein to rescue Walter & Company…at any cost…lose this and open up the flood gates for fraud charges in other states.

  5. Future Gov Galvin

    get on a soapbox already at Walter’s expense.

  6. Walt

    Fake Walt/ Hiram –
    Please learn how to write. Your drivel is painful to the eyes. Now get back to proofing and posting. Like I tell Weasel Boy, focus on what you are good at.
    Dude Man –
    Boston makes my skin crawl. As you know. But I will time my trip to when the Yankees are in town. I will watch them beat the piss out of the Sox, then I do the same thing to the A.G.
    Anyway, do me a favor. Put down the doughnut, take a shower, get dressed, and pay attention. Chicago is closed on Monday. This is a big deal.
    So don’t spend your life in front of computer, unkempt and in your boxers. If you wear bikini’s Dude, I don’t want to know. Keep it to your self. Trust me on this.
    Going for the keg!!! See you at Mels!!
    Your Pal,
    PS – leave the sheep alone.

  7. Fake Walt

    CF, I know you are hungry for a commission so here’s a bone

    Click to access madoffrfp.pdf

    P.S: Please tell Walt to take it easy on me as all these lawsuits have taken a toll on my writings.

    Off to London

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt