Do we need a civic center in Old Greenwich?

I’d say no, but others disagree and they’re back to work trying to drum up support for the project. There’s no question the existing building is obsolete and on its last bricks, and the playing fields are a soggy mess, but I smell mission creep here, from an original desire to fix the drainage on the fields to, now, a $40 million facility complete with swimming pool, exercise classes, day care etc. – in short, another YMCA project, but this time in Old Greenwich. The Y’s project hasn’t done so well – work has stopped, the contractors have walked off the job and liened it for more than $5 million and the Y is looking for another $10 million (uh huh) to finish the job. Do we need to replicate that situation in Old Greenwich? I think not.

Even if funds were somehow raised privately to erect this monument to social welfare and physical fitness, it seems likely that the town would be saddled with the expense of running the damn thing. I don’t want to pay to maintain yet another pool, let alone day care centers or pilates classes. You want yoga? Join a fitness center. Or join the Y – they need new members.


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2 responses to “Do we need a civic center in Old Greenwich?

  1. OG

    I live nearby the civic center and personally would love to have a new remodeled one. I think it would even help attract buyers to homes here but that could be marginal and this obviously is an awful time to try to find money for the project. My gut says it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  2. Anonymous

    It will be private money as the Town would never commit that kind of green-ever.

    The Town is notorious for sucking all the life and rental fees out of their infastructure and not putting a dime back into them.

    Eckman Center has garnered millions in fees, yet it is still original equipment