Good things come to those that wait

It seems that California Senator Barbara Boxer, long a contender for title of dumbest Senator in the sack of rocks that is Washington, may face a reelection battle from Carla Fiorina, Hewlett Packard’s former CEO and one smart person. Could the country be so lucky? Could Californians be intelligent enough to dump Boxer back into San Francisco Bay? We can only hope.


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8 responses to “Good things come to those that wait

  1. Anonymous

    With the California economy in a shambles due to decades of overspending it seems inconceivable to me that the California crowd pulls such weight in Washington. The proof is in the pudding as the cooks say. To continue to make the same mistakes in the face of such results speaks volumes about the Pelosi/Boxer approach to Government.


  2. Front Row Phil

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Ms. Fiorina. In a head to head debate (CA should be so lucky), she will clean Ms. Boxer’s clock.

  3. Anonymous

    Bloomie is the richest guy in NYC and smarter than any career politician or community organizer, but he has been fairly inept in managing vs unions’ demands for tax increases on “rich” and pay increases for nonproductive, recession-immune gvt workers

    NYC income taxes are materially higher than those of CA: ~13% vs ~10%

  4. kidding really!!

    sadly no matter how bad Boxer is… to get people to vote for a Republican in CA is like asking a jewish person to vote for an Arab

  5. Reader

    No Boxer, No Dodd, No Reid in 2011. Hope and Change to believe in.

  6. Riverside Dog Walker

    Fiorina is probably smart and she is a great sales woman and a shrewd self promoter. Those sound like critical success factors for a US Senator.

    However, management isn’t her strong suit, as evidenced by her track record at Lucent and HP. Given that she couldn’t make the numbers at either place, it was fairly amusing that she was chosen to be a McCain economic advisor in his campaign. But that is yesterday’s news.

  7. cynic1

    She is probably the dumbest senator on the block … but unlike so many others .. she is, at least, representative of her states voters. Im having a hard time defining Dodd that way … but maybe Im wrong.

  8. Front Row Phil

    I’m Jewish, and kidding is right. But a black president?