Into the dustbin of history, along with Harvest Gold refrigerators and Swanson TV dinners

1969Reader’s Digest files for Chapter Eleven. Doctors’ waiting rooms will never be the same.


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9 responses to “Into the dustbin of history, along with Harvest Gold refrigerators and Swanson TV dinners

  1. HG

    And this is a local company, I think? Armonk maybe?

    By the way, I think Krazy Kat promised an update on Miami/Key Biscayne real estate – kind of a FWIW-South…any news there?

  2. '73Refugee


    Chris, this is chapter 11, not 7. So perhaps there’s hope? Will Reader’s Digest survive it’s Death Panel?

  3. Anonymous

    “Armonk maybe?

    Isn’t it Pleasantville?

    Their condensed novels series used to come in so handy for school book reports.

  4. Reader’s Digest used to be good. Long long ago they used to have heartwarming stories in there, but the last ten years it completely degenerated into silly celebrity interviews and pop-sci medical advice. Alas.

  5. CosHarbor

    RD Monticello inspired hdqtrs are on
    Roaring Brook Road adjacent
    to the Saw Mill River Pkway in Chappaqua.
    The founders, the DeWitt Wallaces lived in
    Mt.Kisco at an estate that overlooked Byram
    Lake, and eventually Interstate 684, a stones
    throw from Armonk. Pleasantville was their
    chosen mail address, sounding more
    Norman Rockwellian. Great philanthopric couple. RD on the skids, yet the big flower arrangements that greet visitors at the Met are gifted by the Wallaces foundation.

  6. Boring

    Next to go, National Geographic and most women self help magazines like Shape. WebMD rules!

  7. digler

    The youth of America (and the world) are too busy text messaging to sit still long enough to even read condensed literature. This does not end well!

  8. Greenwich Gal

    Digler – simply wrong. The fact of the matter is that RD has met it’s end as it is simply obsolete. People can get what they want online – often for free and even the best of publications are struggling. RD was at best, middle brow. A big snore. Quite frankly, I thought it had disappeared ages ago.

  9. 2112

    My dad sold ad space for these guys in the late 60’s and 70’s — paid for my college education. Was one of the most respected organizations in the publishing world at the time and the people were first class. A real close, family organization with a bit of a chip on its shoulder at the time. Really sad to see what can happen.