Riverside sale

When 14 Bayside Terrace was first listed for $1.475 back in February I wondered aloud (without identifying it) whether we weren’t heading back to the below $1 million range for houses like this one. Not quite: it sold today for $1.160 (assessment is $1.096), but that’s closer to the $869 paid for it in 2000 than the price they asked last winter. If you’re in the $1 million range, hang on – better times are coming.


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8 responses to “Riverside sale

  1. Stanwich

    And I expect a welcome gift on my front door step by the time I move in next week.

  2. christopherfountain

    Dog shit in a burning bag?

  3. Stanwich

    Funny. Really funny Fornicator, or are you Feckless?

    A contractor/developer from Cos Cob told me the other day that you’d make a nice hood ornament.

    • christopherfountain

      Just be sure, if your doorbell rings and no ones there,don’t stamp out anything you see burning on the stoop.

  4. Anthony Fountain

    Or an M-80 tossed into the living room?

  5. LOL

    I think Stan wins this round with his comment at August 18, 2009 at 8:17 am.

    Is this going to turn into the Riverside version of the Jets and the Sharks?

  6. Cos Cobber

    CF are you sure you are of Riverside stock? These are the actions of a common Cos Cobber. Where’s the welcome cigar and a invite for a brandy sifter?

    Btw, lets see if the local RE market rebounds in CF’s absense.