Greenwich Time has archives going back for weeks

In an astonishing bit of investigative journalism, our local paper has discovered that hurricanes have hit Greenwich in the past. “Who knew?”, said amateur blogger and publisher Lincoln Millstein. “I mean, I look out the window and see sunshine, then that’s as far as my memory goes – I’m always surprised if it rains the next day, but my crack editors have prevented me from reporting that departure from normal – they think it’s happened before, though they can’t remember when. But our guy really went to town on this one – dug up records, spoke with our custodian, the whole shebang – no fear or favor around here, by golly.”

The Time article discusses storms that started in the south as hurricanes but arrived here as rainstorms in the 1990s and those were certainly colorful. And its reporter did stir himself to discover that right around the time of the doddering Millsteins’ birth, a “really, really big one” surged over Long Island in 1934. No mention is made, however, of Hurricane Carol (1954) or even her weaker sister, Donna (1960). Pressed on that omission, Millstein scratched his head. “1954, you say? 1960? We don’t do those years. But say, did you see our Scusie’s latest piece on the Gifford’s dog Touchback getting a shampoo? Now that’s a story.”


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3 responses to “Greenwich Time has archives going back for weeks

  1. Chimney

    Right on, brother! What a bunch of idiots!

  2. David Ayres

    I am surprised that you did not pick up on the fact that the Long Island hurricane was 1938, not 1934

  3. Lorin

    Chris we could hardly forget hurricane Carol as we moved into Gilliam Lane during it… fun fun fun