Vexatious suit?

Okay, I went back and found the blog post that is the subject of the latest grievance against me. Here it is, in it’s entirety. Homeowners have a right to file whatever silly damn complaints their dim minds dream up. But I’m doing a burn here that the Century 21 agent (yes, I’m going to dig up her name in a minute, give me time, I just got back – joined him in his idiocy. Can I sue her for wasting my time? File a grievance against her for terminal stupidity and harassment? Why the hell not?

June 26, 2009…12:25 pm

Hint – it’s not your agent that’s at fault 

75 Long Meadow Road in Riverside was purchased for $1 million in 2005 and has been back on the market since 2007, beginning at $1.595 and dropping from there until it hit $1.250 last October. It failed to sell at that price and now a new agent – from Century 21, the former Sotheby’s firm – has replaced the first broker but not the price. I’m guessing that if it couldn’t move at $1.250 for the past 8 months, there’s nothing that’s happened to the market this week that will make that price work today. Then again, if the sunlight hits that golden polyester blazer just right, who knows? Assessed value is $773,000.

UPDATE- here’s the house, here’s the agent

75 long meadow

75 long meadow

This is rich – they dropped the price July 30th!  They’re now down to $1.199. Of interest is that the owners paid $1 million even in 2005 for this place, so their attempt to get $600,000 more for it two or three years later was – misguided, in my opinion.

The agent is someone named Diane Cadavid, not to be confused her her late cousin, Donna Cadaver. Let’s go see what Diane’s been up to, shall we?
Mystery Solved!!!
Diane Cadavid

Diane Cadavid

The lady is from Cos Cob! That explains everything. Cos Cobber, Stan, you guys put her up to this, right?


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16 responses to “Vexatious suit?

  1. Jane

    So glad you are back!

  2. kidding really?

    It’s unreal that they come after you and you didn’t call the house “skanky”

  3. primetimemom

    The Century 21 brand is going the way of the Sears and Roebuck catalog. Old and dated but could be taken out of the mothballs if brand handed competently.

  4. Retired IB'er

    I fundamentally do not understand how these home owners think there is any cause for action against you.

    Freedom of speech and all that aside, you are free, I would hope required by the sanctioning Realtor Board, to advise your clients (or prospective clients which surely anyone who reads your blog is) in a manner consistent with your best, and honest, opinion of the value of a prospective property.

    Additionally, demonstrating your knowledge of the marketplace in a forum designed to market to new clients, which I assume this blog is intended for, makes all the business sense in the world.

  5. Retired IB'er


    Looked at Diane’s webpage that you linked. Better be careful with her. Under her biography she says, “In the arena of real estate… let me show you why I stand head and shoulders about the rest.”

    Sounds like she may be a part time Sumo wrestler who will squash you like a bug as she stands head and shoulders about YOU!

    Be afraid… very afraid.

  6. cos cobber

    There is much more to be said about this absurd grievence.
    For now, I’d like to remind you that while the agent maybe
    from cos cob the home is undoubtably in 06878…NoPo to be more precise.

  7. Pinzgauer

    Chris –
    I don’t see where – and by where I mean which Board, Commission or Government Body a grievance would be filed. This entire blog is based on opinions of Chris Fountain, a private person. Not anywhere on this site does it say these comments and opinions are written by Chris Fountain, Realtor with Agency X.

    The same Lady who says “ I… stand head and shoulders about the rest…” uses her free speech to disparage against all other agents, compared to her. Can she offer proof of her supoeriority? As usual its seems her speech is protected but not anyone elses.

  8. anon1

    One wonders how such thin skinned agents make a living in the world of Greenwich real estate? Is residential RE different from other multi-million dollar businesses or transactions? It’s time for professional residential brokers to man up and be able to support and defend their pricing strategies. If you can’t tolerate an open discussion about your public RE listings, it may be time to quit the business.

  9. anonymommy

    The post was just pointing out the futility of swapping agents and not lowering the price. Let’s be honest, you’ve been far meaner when describing some other houses and situations. Don’t know why she took such offense…

  10. Stanwich

    Getting back to the listing, has anyone actually been in this place? If you had, you’d soon realize that it is a peach-colored disaster (bad point), high up on a hill (good point) but with a nasty hill of a driveway (bad point). Ther eis no backyard to speak of (bad point) with most views of the mianus blocked by a house squeezed onto a lot in front of it (bad point). The owners have down nothing to update this place in approx. 20 yrs (bad point) and the laundry closet is in the kitchen (bad point). Sorry to say but this house is badly mis-priced. If you like this area, there is a much nicer home down the street on Long Meadow right across from the association beach which has a much better layout and yard and it isn’t peach colored.

  11. The Duke of Deceptiom

    Can you bid on houses here? If so, The Dukes offers $500,000, sight unseen.

    The Duke likes peach houses.

  12. Anonymous

    the agent profile says it all.

  13. Old Coot

    “the agent profile says it all.” As does the photo.

  14. W.

    Take what you paid in 2005 and subtract 30% and then your house will be really for sale. Your approach right now is less sensible than buying a lottery ticket.

  15. Anonymous

    Unless it’s a new house, land value is $700,000 in that location.
    Zillow value the house at $750,000 (including house) in 2003. No amount of protesting or ‘out of towners’ will change that.
    This supports my belief that sellers are trying to make current buyers pay for their misjudgement.