Walt – we were right down the road and you couldn’t call?

Cityfile reported yesterday that Walter Noel is back playing golf in the Hamptons. They suggest, cruelly, that he’s busy getting in his last rounds before he gets too busy this fall with “other matters”. Well Walt, I’m delighted you were able to get away from the pressure and I sympathize that Andres had to return the yacht before you and the filly(ie)s could join him on the Adriatic, but that September 9th hearing in Boston is indeed coming up so CityFile may be right. Did you want to drive up together. by the way?


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10 responses to “Walt – we were right down the road and you couldn’t call?

  1. mrs p

    Does this mean you’re going? (I hope, I hope.) I can’t think of anyone who could do a better job of liveblogging this one.

  2. Par 3

    What is the Sebonack Golf Club?

    • christopherfountain

      Darned if I know – I don’t golf. Maybe a public driving range? They aren’t picky about whom they let in .

  3. Cal

    99 last time out…still the sweet-swinging Walt I remember from 1976.

  4. Fake Walt

    CF, I am not going to give up golfing just because I have some legal matters to resolve. You don’t see me critizing you because you are out fishing when you should be selling dirt and tending to your needy flock on this thingy you call a blog. Anyways, I hear Boston is very pretty this time of year. Does anyone know a good restaurant?

    You can ride up with me if you wish. I still have room in my helicopter.

    Off to Sag Harbor

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  5. anon

    His scores are a scam. Very consistent – like Madoff’s phony returns. He always just manages to just break 100, but never shoots over 100. Anybody who plays golf and counts all their strokes knows that a high 90’s golfer is not that consistent. Even Tiger Woods will shoot a 64 one day and a 73 the next. I think the Feds need to look into this.

  6. Cal

    Excellent analysis, anon.

    Walt probably gave himself a 10-footer on the 18th green just so he could say he broke 100.

  7. pulled up in OG

    If that really is Walt’s handicap sheet, he’s calling Sebonack, and not Round Hill, his home course.

    Supposedly $500K to join when it opened.