Fast and furious

We’re now up to three grievances filed against me for running this blog. Do I detect a concerted action? Probably not, just a bunch of bitter, dispirited home owners who, after years spent trying to sell their homes for a price they “needed”, turn in anger for some reason why it’s not their fault for being greedy and stupid. They find me. Interesting, not one of these grievants has thought it significant to mention that they couldn’t sell their house for years before being mentioned here, yet find it easy to blame their woes on me.

If this keeps up I will draft a standard response and ask the Board of Realtors to keep it on file to use for every complaint.


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12 responses to “Fast and furious

  1. Law offices of Fucter N. Hadasnack

    CF, we are keeping an eye on you

  2. Anonymous

    punish the innocent

    form letter? bah humbug!
    burning dog crap in a bag? now we’re talking!

  3. Newhall

    Why don’t you file a suit under RICO for the cartel that calls itself the Greenwich Board of Realtors? Who says you have to go through them to sell a house? Start a new info sharing service.

  4. Anonymous

    Stressed? Victimised? Just call yourself the ‘New Sarah Palin’. Maybe now, you’ll realise how strong she is.

  5. Cos Cobber

    I think the GAR and “Realtors” in general are looking at a real RICO case if they rule to suppress your opinion at any capacity. You are not under contract with the sellers of any of these homes, ergo, you have absolutely no responsibility to these homeowners. If the look to silence you, then they are coverting every “Realtor” to a seller’s agent.

    • christopherfountain

      So far, Cos obber, all the GAR has done is provide a forum for these people to complain, and that’s a good thing. So I’ll wait to see how things go, but believe me, it has crossed my mind that the real estate business in Greenwich is ripe for an anti-trust complaint.

  6. Anonymous

    In any non-top 10 urban region in US, likely wealthiest guys are the guys who own the realtors, car dealers….and the quacks (AKA physicians)…controlled oligopolies with clueless customers who have no ability to differentiate quality

    Like most professions/businesses, top 1% are quite different from rest, but bottom 99% tend to self-select, esp in less desirable locales….

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t know what an an ‘anti-trust’ complaint is, but I say, go for it. It must be true.
    Needs to be regulated like financial services.

  8. Anonymous

    Amy Bohutinsky of stated on CNBC tonight that houseprices won’t reach the bottom until 2010 and that if you are buying, that you should intend to stay in the house for 7 years.
    Maybe they should sue her first.

    Another partner in crime for you has a website below. Her You Tube discussion on anti-trust; laws

    “If you don’t like it or agree with it
    Don’t Fight Me, that will NOT change Anything
    Stop Reading it, Stop Watching my Videos.
    Problem Solved.”

  9. realist

    yikes! 2010.

  10. Doesn’t the Constitution discuss free speech in one of it’s lead articles?