Is it something we said?

Another principal is bailing out while school’s just starting – today it’s the principle of Central Middle School. They’re bringing in (retired) Roger Stenz to fill in and he’s a fabulous guy, so no doubt no one will miss the lady who’s leaving, but what gives here? That’s two in two weeks – I’d have thought that a principal would feel some obligation not to leave her school in the lurch but obviously I am misinformed.


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12 responses to “Is it something we said?

  1. Anonymous

    Teachers and principals tend to be overpaid union workers hiding behind cloak of “necessity” and high moral ground

  2. Anthony Fountain

    Would that be the same Mr. Stenz who taught me how to swim at RYC when I was maybe eight years old? A terrific guy indeed if so.

  3. Keeping Anonymity

    While you were away, I had to resort to reviewing your archives and reading some ‘Greenwich Gossip’. One interesting link reaffirming my viewpoint that not all “Greenwich schools are great” was;

    How did this bit of fun resolve?

  4. Jane

    This is so sad. Yet again, there is no continuity in these schools. That is reason enough to scrape together the enormous tuition to go independent.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    Carol Walsh was one of Betty Sternberg’s people. Betty is out and Carol never figured out how to be a true leader without her. She is a lovely lady who truly had the best interests of the students. However, she never had the respect of the faculty and had some basic leadership issues. Happens all the time in business. At least the new super. figured this out and is correcting the situation. What else do you want? It is amazing to me sometimes – the complainers on this blog – whine about how the schools don’t throw the bad eggs out and now when they do you whine about that! Greenwich has an excellent school system – it is not perfect as I have said before but it IS pretty damn good. Where else is there in town that does not have equally substantive issues? I for one don’t want my daughter walking down the Ave. in a ridiculously short skirt with her platinum Amex and Prada bag thinking this is “normal”…no matter how academically competitive GA is. So Jane – I am sure that you somehow have to justify your 30 grand by thinking how superior your situation is – but the proof is in the pudding and GHS put more kids in Ivies statistically than any of the independent schools around here. Maybe some people should actually do some RESEARCH! Come to think of it, they should be teaching that, n’est-ce pas?…

    • christopherfountain

      GG, I’m delighted to hear that the departure was brought about by the new Super. The press release, quite rightly, made it sound like a voluntary departure, and while I’m glad she wasn’t embarassed, if she was set free to “pursue other opportunities”, that’s a good thing.

  6. pulled up in OG

    The new guy’s been on the job a couple of weeks and already forced out a school principal?

    Don’t think so.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Hey – did not say the new super pushed her out – unconfirmable – but obviously someone was not happy. Her/Them/Both. I am certain if the new super. was dying to keep he would have found a way. Most people, given the current economy would not “pursue other opportunities” unless they have something else in the bag. She might as well have said “I’m leaving to spend more time with my family, etc. etc…”

  8. pulled up in OG

    Btw, Mr. Stenz started out teaching metal shop at Central in the early/mid ’60s.

    I’d be surprised if they even have shop classes in junior high these days. Kid can’t take peanuts to school . . . mommy’s gonna let him near a table saw?

  9. Anonymous

    You buying a boat? My link looks like it would impress Hoops. You’re above that kind.