Why lawyers love crooks

Because they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Irving Picard is having a banner year as Trustee for Bernie Madoff’s few remaining assets and now comes word that even as Allen Stanford rots in a Texas holding cell his trustee is seeking $27 million of the $81 million cash left on hand when Stanford was nabbed.

I sympathise with Picard and this other fellow. Madoff and Stanford “investors” were so fucking dumb that they enabled the fraud – they begged for it. Giving them back money would be as silly as returning Stephen Dent’s blackmail money – he’ll just be right back on the Internet dialing for prostitutes and these investors will go out and lose everything again. No, better not to waste the assets on claimants when they can be converted into lawyer’s fees instead. It’s the right thing to do.


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7 responses to “Why lawyers love crooks

  1. Walt

    Weasel Boy:
    You done playing Captain Ahab? Did you have fun? Was it a “guys only” fishing trip?
    Where you drank tons of beer, told lies about all your female conquests, then did a reach around when you all snuggled under the covers? Just wondering. I bet I am right. Did you pitch or catch? Catch get’s my vote.
    Anyway, enough about you, you cod. My golf game sucks – I shot your I.Q. for Pete’s Sake. A 97!!! It’s really a shame. Makes me want to run and hide.

    But Dude, there are still plenty of mellons to pick out here. They lost ton’s of dough, still have plenty of scratch, but are looking for am easy way to get it all back at once.
    So let’s dump Greenwich spec house real estate on them. We do a private placement. I hold you out as a “respected real estate professional” – will anyone believe such a thing exists? – and we are off!! We buy cheap from the banks, sell to out of town buyers – if buyers still exist – and take them to the cleaners!! Sound like a plan Dude?
    We call it Horse Head Investment Trust? Or Weasel Realty Trust I?
    Or WewontscrewyoutwiceLLC?
    Maybe LongfacesdontmeanwearesadLLC?
    How about FabfivewillscrewyouLLC? What do you think? I am loving it Captain Quint.
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    “Madoff and Stanford “investors” were so fucking dumb that they enabled the fraud – they begged for it.”

    Just like all those rape victims who are so fucking dumb that they enabled their rapists – they begged for it.

  3. sw

    I’m surprised at your language… unnecessary.. I love reading your blog.. wondering if someone else wrote that for you while you’re off on vaca.

    • christopherfountain

      Anon and SW – my apologies – I was trying to imitate the attitude of these lawyers who see financial disaster of others as an opportunity to enrich themselves. And SW, you’re quite right – I don’t use that language on this blog and cut it from readers comments too. Again, trying to capture a mental mind set. Won’t do it again, unless I do, but I will watch it.

  4. pulled up in OG

    Some more on Dido while you were off cutting bait.


    Also, Antares part 1/3 tomorrow.

  5. West Coast Insomniac

    Looks like Patriot waiting for you to leave town to schedule their “formal agreement” with FDIC.

    Looks like they bought some time http://www.occ.treas.gov/FTP/EAs/ea2009-020.pdf

  6. West Coast Insomniac


    I really should proof before hitting send, sorry.