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And after all that work, too

The nasty fellow who strangled his wife, chopped off her fingers and pulled out her teeth (post mortem, one hopes) but left her registered silicone implants behind has killed himself in Canada. From what I know of our neighbor to the north, he’d have been dead of boredom within a week but I guess he couldn’t wait.

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Office of redundant redundancy

“Dead body found in Bristol”.

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I told you I was sick!

Barred from the collection plate

Barred from the collection plate

Michael Fay, the priest who ripped off his Darien parish to the tune of $1.3 million which he spent on expensive cars, a Manhattan love nest for his boy toy and nice vacations for the two of them, has died in prison. He’d delayed serving a prison term for over a year while he underwent an experimental treatment for prostate cancer. Guess we can figure it didn’t work.


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From the people who want to bring you nationalized health care

Cash for Clunkers program a complete, disorganized mess. The feds have pulled FAA (!) workers off their job (well, they weren’t essential anyway, the FAA assures (?) us), to help out on paperwork, dealers aren’t being paid, only 7% of applications have been accepted with the rest being rejected with no stated reason and the programs out of money. I suspect that our own former head of the Greenwich YMCA is running this goat- er, “rope”.


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Still in the middle of a bear market?

Henry Blodget thinks so and so do I. What I think about the stock market is no more valuable than my late dog Casey’s own thoughts on the subject but from messages he sends me in his  still-filled kibble bowl, I know that he’s worried about huge deficit spending, a consumer credit collapse and high, sustained rates of unemployment. Just this once, I think Casey’s got a better read on the matter than the traders. Funny story: a friend told me recently that after graduating college he spent 8 years trading convertible securities at a major Wall Street firm and when he finally quit he still had no idea what a convertible security was. Funny yet scary, because I believe him.


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Reading tea leaves at Central Middle School

From the sounds of it, it appears that the new schools superintendent really did give CMS’s principal the old heave-ho. I know nothing about either individual but I’m impressed if, just a few weeks after taking over, the new super is taking charge and making changes. Our schools could use it.

Carol Walsh, who recently gave school officials notice that she plans to leave as the school’s principal at the end of the first semester to pursue career opportunities elsewhere, is being re-assigned to work as an administrator in the district’s central office.

Coming out of retirement to replace Walsh on an interim basis until the school finds a permanent successor is Roger Stenz, a veteran educator who spent 15 years as Eastern Middle School’s assistant principal and got his start in the district in 1964.

Dr. Sidney Freund, the town’s new schools superintendent, said in a statement that the change, which goes into effect Monday, will provide stability at Central Middle School and help the district fill a void in its administration.

“In an effort to provide leadership continuity and to minimize the number of building leaders at Central Middle School in a given year, and in order to assist in duties resulting from administrator vacancies at the central office, Ms. Walsh will assume various responsibilities in the Professional Learning and Human Resources departments at the Havemeyer Building,” Freund said.


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