I told you I was sick!

Barred from the collection plate

Barred from the collection plate

Michael Fay, the priest who ripped off his Darien parish to the tune of $1.3 million which he spent on expensive cars, a Manhattan love nest for his boy toy and nice vacations for the two of them, has died in prison. He’d delayed serving a prison term for over a year while he underwent an experimental treatment for prostate cancer. Guess we can figure it didn’t work.


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2 responses to “I told you I was sick!

  1. Anonymous

    “a Manhattan love nest for his boy toy”

    As I recall, the Father Michael Jude Fay/Cliff Martell Fantini (the wedding planner) love nest was located in a Fort Lauderdale condo paid for by St. John Roman Catholic Church in Darien.

    CF, I think you may have confused the late Father Fay’s nest with that of the very-much-alive Father Michael Moynihan, formerly of St. Michael the Archangel church in Greenwich, another embezeller/homo priest, whose love nest with the former director of the St. Michael Parish Children’s Choir was located in an apartment in Manhattan leased by Father Moynihan and paid for by St. Michael’s parishoners.

    So many nests, so little time to keep them all straight.

  2. Anonymous

    OK Hiram, kill me:

    It’s embezzler and parishioners.

    At least Bob Tate didn’t embezzle from his parishioners.