The ACLU and its mission to destroy America

The Wall Street Journal has a piece today on the ACLU’s despicable acts in surreptitiously photographing CIA agents and giving the pictures to Al Qaeda members for future “attention”. The ACLU sees nothing wrong with its actions and of course no parallel to the Valerie Plame incident, but then, this is the same group who yesterday expressed dissatisfaction with a mere “investigation” into alleged claims of CIA abuse of terrorists and insisted on “the immediate commencement of prosecution.”

Those of you with warm, fuzzy memories of the ACLU defending civil liberties: banning crucifixes, say, or defending the rights of child pornographers, might wonder at this new attitude of prosecute first, investigate later, but if so, you’ve missed the steady transformation of the organization into a hate America crusade. Since 9/11 the ACLU, clearly convinced that we deserved everything that came our way that day, has worked diligently against our interests and for Al Qaeda’s. I’m glad to live in a country where we allow traitors to speak their minds openly and without fear of retribution, but I will admit to doing a slow burn as these idiots luxuriate in that freedom while striving to destroy it. Odd ducks.


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10 responses to “The ACLU and its mission to destroy America

  1. Anonymous


  2. Pete

    I guess if we act nice enough, do nothing beyond the Army field manual, prosecute everyone to the fullest who, in the interest of protecting our liberty, goes afoul of Emily Post prescribed etiquette, all the current bad guys will turn from their evil ways and the world will have a love fest.

  3. aliprowl

    The ACLU has been conspicuously absent from town hall meetings where free speech is routinely suppressed by union thugs, ACORN and others of that ilk. For that matter, the Pelosi/Reid cabal has tried their best to squelch oppposing views…with no response from those supposed defenders of our civil liberties. Apparently the ACLU only takes issue when the rights of liberals, the “downtrodden” or fringe lunatics are threatened.
    Somebody needs to heavily sedate Eric Holder until 2012. Madness reigns!

    • christopherfountain

      Not a peep from them when the Justice Department overruled its own lawyers and declined to prosecute the armed Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philadelphia last November, either. But they no longer even pretend to be about anything except attacking what they perceive as the status quo, so I suppose there’s no inconsistency here.

  4. Peg

    I once thought that the ACLU actually did what they said they did, and supported them.

    That was then; this is now. “A joke” is perhaps the most benign comment you can make about today’s ACLU.

  5. Lorin

    If we haven’t the will or the means to defend our country and it’s agents from these folks, what has happened to us? and worse, what is going to happen…? I am speechless with disgust at Holder and the ACLU.

  6. The Duke of Deceptiom

    American Communist Liberties Union.

    Just made it up. You’re welcome.

  7. kanisa

    What would really be interesting to know is where does ACLU get their funding? They probably do get some small donations from students, aging hippies etc., but its usually 10 percent of donors who furnish 90 percent of the budget. They must have some big time funders, foundations and individuals. >Someone should look into it, not hard to find out.

  8. Anonymous

    ACLU = Anti-American Communist Lawyers Union

  9. i.knoknot

    kinda like the saudi boys who flew the 9/11 planes – they spent the weeks before the event in local strip-bars. no prob w/ strip-bars, just ironic how they partook before attack. odd beast, we humans.