Now I really have to get cracking on my Noel novel

Dominick Dunne is dead at 84. I’ll certainly miss him more than the other guy who died yesterday. He won a bronze star as a 19-year-old teenager (no mention if swimming was involved in his bravery), graduated from Williams after the war, recovered from alcoholism at age 50 and wrote “The Two Mrs. Grenvilles”, a terrific book. Some of his later stuff didn’t work as well, for me, but all in all, a good productive life. And now I have Greenwich back to exploit all by myself. I’m still puzzling out the plot, but I’m inclined to involve Walter Noel’s story with the Antares – same greed, same era, with maybe a touch of Georgie Lindemann to add an electric touch of evil. Stay tuned.


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6 responses to “Now I really have to get cracking on my Noel novel

  1. just curious

    Seriously, you have to get cracking. Please.

  2. Sound Beacher

    CF: I feel so bad that Dominck has to share the day with Teddy. Kind of like Farrah and Michael. I would love to help with the proofreading on your new book! You can take all your story ideas from past issues of Vanity Fair magazine. I”ve been a subscriber for years.

  3. just curious

    You have so much in common with Nick Dunne – the disgust he had with people who felt entitled; justice for people who could not speak for themselves, etc. . You have to get cracking!

  4. Jane

    Very sad about Dominick Dunne. I met him a few times. So sweet and interested in true crime stories. And a true gentleman.

  5. XGreenwichChic

    You must write the book and then do a special on Court TV — just like Dunne’s “Power Privilege and Justice” show. Now get cracking!

    Are you going to Boston 09/09/09?

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Ok. Let’s do a self assessment. I keep telling you to focus on your strong points. Granted, we have not found any of your strong points, but let’s not give up.
    Maybe we should just eliminate your weak points? That will take a while, but I have plenty of time recently. I don’t know why.
    You can’t write a novel on me Dude. Why?
    Sorry to be so direct, but you needed some tough love.
    And what do I have to do with the Antennae Boys? I don’t even watch TV.
    And Georgie boy. To put my name in the same sentence as at serial killer is offensive. He still gives the Filly’s nightmares.
    Your Pal,