But when everyone works for the government, who will pay the salaries?

Business Insider closes off a depressing week with this chart – the future beckons.

Public sector vs. private

Public sector vs. private


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6 responses to “But when everyone works for the government, who will pay the salaries?

  1. Reality Check

    You can’t possibly believe this data.

    Unless maybe we’re comparing the Greenwich Town Tax Collector’s salary, with the bank teller who is doing a similar job. Taking in deposits and giving out receipts.

  2. Anonymous

    Indeed, US is adopting an increasingly EU-like economy; not surprising given weak education levels of US natives (incl alums of lib arts colleges) and many zero-skill illegal immigrants…heavy gvt, tax-evading small business and old-money industrialists….and a bunch of overeducated college grads vs illegal immigrants competing for jobs in the entertainment/tourism/hospitality/retailing industries

    Thankfully, US still has world-dominating tech and financial industries based in CA/NYC/CT…and an innovative energy industry based in TX

  3. Walt

    Comrade –
    What, for Pete’s Sake, are you talking about?
    You need a job? See the Messiah! And he sets your pay!!
    You need health care? See the Messiah!! And he decides who lives or dies!! How cool is that?
    You need a loan? See one of the Messiah’s federally owned banks!!
    A new car? NO PROBLEMO!!!! See one of the Messiah’s green auto co’s!!
    Need to insure that new green car? We got you covered BABY!!! See AIG. It’s owned by the Messiah!!!
    Works in process – running the news!! He owns GE, which owns ABC!! This one is easy.
    Talk Radio, Blogs, Free Press? Take over in process!! Those guys are toast!!
    Redistribution of wealth via current economic problems and revamp of the tax system? The Messiah has that covered!!!
    So what Dude, is your point exactly? He will take care of you!! Cause the Fed’s always know best. Trust them.
    Your Pal,

  4. Front Row Phil

    The only problem with socialism is that sooner or later the people whose money is being spent will eventually run out of it. (Margaret Thatcher)

  5. WCI

    Hey Walt, it’s a small point but GE owns NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Universal Studios, etc.

  6. Anonymous

    GE owns NBC not ABC