Sale price reported

32 Ferncliff

32 Ferncliff

32 Ferncliff (off Cat Rock) is a very nice house which I’ve recommended since it first came on asking $1.495. An older contemporary that I found very pleasant and a beautiful 1.25 acre yard. The yard is undersized for its 2 acre zoning but this one is entirely usable, unlike many of the lots on this street which are mostly rocky woodland. In any event, it sold toady for $1,092,500, close to the $1.05 paid for it in 2003. Assessed value is $1.0280. There is another nice house for sale on Ferncliff, #18, but even though it’s newer (1984?), and a Deck House (great modul;ar builders, now defunct) and has a new kitchen, its owners must be looking at their asking price of $1.995 today and wondering how far and deep they should cut. Or if they aren’t doing that, they should be. Assessed value: $1.412.

From the Slow Death Department, 25 Mooreland, listed for $6.2 million back in May, 2008, is down today to $4.395. Assessed value is $3.617.


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4 responses to “Sale price reported

  1. Disappointed

    Is this the house where the guest bathroom when you walk in is on the left and happens to also double as the master bathroom? How… Romantic?

    If this is the one, the common rooms are beautiful but the bedrooms layout is peculiar to say the least. Yard is nice too, true.

  2. A nicer, kinder Anonymousse

    How many people, other than your readers, know about the 70% rule and the assessed value? I mean, do Realtors share this information with buyers? Seems to be a critical part of being a buyer in Greenwich today but if you don’t know to ask, and the Realtor doesn’t share……you end up owning 25 Mooreland for $4.3!?

  3. pulled up in OG

    32 Ferncliff – According to those numbers, the house appreciated 40% from ’03 to ’05!!!

  4. Anonymous

    A realtor answers the 70 percent rule by saying that the assessment was wrong because there had been no recent sales on that road at the time. Is that how they assess? What guideline do they use in creating the assessment?

    An assessment of $1 mil, with no recent sales at that time was under assessed! Why would that be?

    Can you explain?

    Sorry if I’m not clear ‘Kind’, I can’t artculate tonight.