Stories we missed, until now

Hurry! Ribbon cutting's in two minutes!
Hurry! Ribbon cutting’s in two minutes!

New $100 million Greenwich police station opens.


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13 responses to “Stories we missed, until now

  1. Walt

    The only relevant question is ….? How far is the nearest Dunkin Doughnuts? I know you know the answer to that, Dude. Stop chomping the bear claw, and go pick them up a welcome dozen. You load.
    Your Pal,

  2. aj nock

    I thought that was a pic of the graduating class from the San Francisco Police Academy.

  3. JP

    The guy in the middle can handcuff me any day.

  4. Anonymous

    Ridberg was quoted in Greenwich Time as saying that the “ONLY cutback” he made to the police department’s expenditures in the face of the town-wide budget cuts was to eliminate the traffic cop at the corner at Lewis St. and Greenwich Ave.

    The “ONLY cutback I made,” he declared, as if to smugly rub it in our faces that what he really wants is to replace all of the traffic cops on the Avenue with traffic lights. And there’s nothing we can do about it. That is his ultimate goal, and he will accomplish it in small, incremental steps like this if he has to, step by sneaky step, intersection by intersection.

    Who should decide this anyway? Ridberg or the taxpayers who are paying his salary?

  5. Stop the "Snap Shots" Please!!!

    So what’s with this Snap Shot business, CF? When I mouse over your pages lately I get all of these unwanted windows popping up labeling themselves Snap Shots from Word Press.

    Please get rid of them. They are highly annoying. Why would you even inflict them upon your readers in the first place?

    • christopherfountain

      Dear Stop. I had no idea that was happening – doesn’t show up when I’m on, but maybe it blocks it when an “administrator” logs on. I will look into it. Please be assured I have no way to control what WordPress does but I’ll certainly start howling and if they don’t stop, I’ll move to another hosting service. I hate pope-ups every bit as much as you do.

  6. if you’re going to post pics – ahem -like this one, you might as well post the nekkid pics of obammy’s mammy, stanley ann dunham.

  7. Interested Observer

    The “Snap Shots” that are appearing are not a traditional pop-up, they are meant to server as preview windows for the content highlighted.

    It is dependant on the viewer (and very easily done, almost as easy as it is to complain about it) to click the option in either the bottom right hand corner of the window or on the option wheel at the top (depending on the window currently displaying) to disable the windows for their individual computer if they do not wish to have the preview of the link in question.

    They are meant to be helpful to display content without having to visit the link itself, and are in no way spam or advertisements.

  8. Jane

    Weird. I don’t get any popups.

  9. Thanks so much IO!

    That did the trick.

    • christopherfountain

      Yes, thank you IO. Even had I figured out what the reader was encountering, I couldn’t have supplied such a cogent explanation.

  10. Interested Observer

    You’re both welcome. That’s what we public school teacher geeks are good for..well, one of the things!! 😉

  11. WCI

    Thanks, IO!

    They used to really bug me too, but they are growing on me.

    If if change my mind again, now I’ll now how to disable them.