18 Bowman Drive short sale

This poor builder tried selling his new construction for $2.695 back in 2007 and has lost the race with his lenders. Today it’s available via short sale for $1.4 million (a previous attempt at auctioning it failed). If you want to know why it never sold, check out the birds eye view of the place. Pay no attention to the house labeled with an arrow – this is the lot behind it, under the shadow of the water tower, with a graveyard just beyond that. It’s hard to believe that anyone, no matter how strong the market, thought he could get almost $3 million for this location but this builder is not alone in his lunacy. It’ll probably be ten years before we see their kind again but trust me, we will.


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2 responses to “18 Bowman Drive short sale

  1. WCI

    That’s a nice green pool in the neighbor’s back yard…(south of the cemetery).

  2. WCI

    My mistake, I looked at the map again…there are two nice green pools in the neighboring back yards. Yikes.