By George he’s got it – I think he’s got it!

My brother Anthony’s been thinking – he’s good at that – and proposes the following real estate enhancer:

They make up new neighborhoods in Manhattan all the time: Soho, Hoho, TriBeCa, Nolita, Hudson Heights are all inventions of the past thirty or so years) so why not for this area? After consulting a map of the area I humbly suggest “West Harbour;” “harbour ” spelled the British way in order to give it extra, extra class.

You take that, add NoPo for the north of Post Road area, “North Mianus” for Cat Rock Road East (Fudrucker points out that plain old “Mianus” would be open for misinterpretation) and we’re on our way to an entire revaluation of real estate in our less desireable neighborhoods. Probably too late to do anything for Chickahomany and byram, but this blog is open to suggestions.


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15 responses to “By George he’s got it – I think he’s got it!

  1. Cos Cobber

    Cos Cob needs no help CF, we already have a classy name. Its Riverside thats a real snooze. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  2. AC

    Realtors already refer to Byram as “West Greenwich”

  3. Cos Cobber

    punch in 06807. As you will see Cos Cob was subject to gerrymandering a long time ago. several streets that most Greenwich citizens would recognize as being in Cos Cob are not. Greedy denizens of 06830 have you no shame.

  4. Accolay

    I suggest you rename mid and backcountry. Besides the Holy Land, I don’t know what else to propose.

  5. Stanwich

    Cat Rock is a high-rent district…at least as far as Cos Cob goes.

    What if we de-classed other parts of town in order to bring better balance and harmony to our slice of heaven on earth? I mean, in Obama’s world of shared sacrifice it would only be right. I suggest “Sewage Treatment Plant Buffer Area” for Belle Haven and Indian Head, “Muddy Tidal Swamp Stink Zone” for most of the OG shoreline, “Highway to Westchester” for North Street, and “North Castle South” for everything above the Merritt.

  6. Kit

    My studio is in PoCho, not far from the train or Costco.

  7. Real Torme

    Chickahominy has always been “West Belle Haven”

  8. I think you should start referring to any neighborhood blighted by oversized spec houses as Mobomo. It doesn’t mean anything, but it sounds cool, especially for liberals.


  9. cotswood

    For Byram, how about “PoCho East”?

    Chickahomany can be Wonder(bread)Land, or maybe Little Palermo…

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    I have lived here since the Filly’s were tiny foals, and I have no clue where Chickahomany is. Fill me in.
    Lets rename Cos Cob to South Bronx North. Or maybe just SBN? Or maybe Landofhandyman? Detachedgarageville? They all work for me!!
    Backcountry can stay as is. But Mid Country needs some work. Merittsville?
    Hope this helps.
    Your Pal,

  11. Walt

    Hey (HAY!!!) Dude –
    You got me thinking about this now. More better names for Cos Cob.
    And does Futter have any juice on this? We can get Cos Cob a more appropriate name, have Frankie tee it up to get it passed, (assuming that load partner of yours can actually do anything – and that is a real stretch) then get all those Cos Cob wussies to kick in and pay us not to do it. They can probably scrape up $100 bucks. Not a lot, but they are pedestrians, and it will be fun to just put them in their place. So how about these new names for the Cobber’s?
    Taintrealygreenwich. Too subtle?
    Welikebluecollarsville? (Sounds Native American – they may like it!!)
    This may really work Dude. You finally had an idea. Pat yourself on the back!!
    Your Pal,

  12. Cal

    I’m not surprised Walt doesn’t know where Chickahominy is. Pretty ironic considering that most of the guys, including me, who carried his golf bag at RHC in the 70’s hailed from that great neighborhood. It was a great place to grow up in.

  13. "Chic"kahominy

    New Hamilton School, Little Thai Kitchen, New Greenwich Hospital thrift shop, St. Roch churchbell’s, Miller Ferrari, cool nieghborhood……Welcome to “Chic”kahominy.

  14. cos cobber

    I like Cal’s upbeat attitude.

  15. pulled up in OG

    Time for a poll, Chris. I really really really wanna
    vote for The Taint.

    Brilliant, Walt!