Cos Cob fans, here’s how to put your money where your mouths are

28 sachem Road

28 sachem Road

This goregous 1850 house still sat on 2 acres when the current owner paid $4 million for it a few years ago (yes, of course he was from out of town). He split up the land into three lots and has been trying to sell them off piecemeal. This one, on just 0.7 acres now, was asking $3.4 million but today came down to $2.7. It seems to me that this house has little value for those who would otherwise appreciate its splendour if it’s crammed in next to two new houses. On the other hand, with spec house funding dried up, the original lot is still as it was. I know nothing about the seller’s financial condition but this might be a good time to bid $2.5 for the whole thing, and reunite the original lot. If Stanwich hadn’t gone soft and moved to Riverside, I’d have pitched this idea to him. As it is, I’m just tossing it out for all Cos Cob patriots to act on.

UPDATE: Never mind! Frankie Futticker has just informed me that Sachem is in Greenwich, not Cos Cob! Why is this? Turns out the old postal route used to have the Greenwich carrier deliver on this street before heading up Stanwich, and that’s how the (imaginary) line was drawn. Still a nice house, but you’d have to move from Cos Cob to enjoy it.


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14 responses to “Cos Cob fans, here’s how to put your money where your mouths are

  1. Cos Cobber

    What a shame this project is. I believe they have sold just one of the lots they created by divying up the yard. It would be nice to see someone reassemble the lots and ignore the subdivision plans…but I doubt that will happen.

    Otherwise, its a great neighborhood…. I know because I live is this neck of the woods.

  2. G'wich Transplant

    I thought this was on the newly created Silk Road? Seems like highway noise could be an issue.

    • christopherfountain

      Silk Road is the phony name the developer dreamed up but if you reassemble it you could ditch the name too. Certainly noisier than when the house went up in 1850 but not too bad.

      • christopherfountain

        You could do what we realtors do, Accolay, when confronted with property impacted by I-95, and describe it as “in the Belle Haven area”.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Frank is correct.

    I’ve always felt that Indian Field Road, Sachem Lane, Sachem Road as well as upper Orchard and western Cat Rock are part of Cos Cob…but alas, those misguided souls at the post office inexplicible thought otherwise years ago. Even you, a life-long towny thought Sachem was Cos Cob.

    The militia will be moving the zip code lines under the cover of night this week.

  4. Accolay

    For an expensive property that close to the tracks, I would at least want a Belle Haven (or even a Belle Haven adjacent) address. Not a mistaken Cos Cob debacle.

  5. xyzzy

    I just looked at this place on google maps, there are two building lots around it? I couldn’t even imagine where you’d put two more houses.

  6. Stanwich

    After migrating to Riverside, my heart still lies in CC, even if this house doesn’t. Is western Cat Rock really Greenwich???

  7. Anon E. Moose


    I have a similar running gag with Brooklyn listings claiming to be “Park Slope” when they are in fact in Industrial Park on the Gowanus Canal. An astute Times reported said “If you can’t see the Park, it ain’t Park Slope.”

  8. Cos Cobber

    So CF, how many building lots are on the market at this address as well? Just one right, with the other sold last year at something close to $1m?

    Silk Road, what a terrible name. Like the old pond vs lake debate, a roadway that does not connect two points (this street is a dead end) and moreoever, is less than 100 yards long, is just not a road to me, its a drive or better yet, a lane.

    Surely the old home has some history from which a better street name could have been derived.

  9. Anthony Fountain

    They make up new neighborhoods in Manhattan all the time: Soho, Hoho, TriBeCa, Nolita, Hudson Heights are all inventions of the past thirty or so years) so why not for this area? After consulting a map of the area I humbly suggest “West Harbour;” “harbour ” spelled the British way in order to give it extra, extra class.

  10. WCI

    I’m with xyzzy, I don’t see where you’d fit two more houses in here. Also, bing maps gives a much clearer view. : )

    Chris, as far as comps, Zillow says that 2 Silk Rd (c.1855, 5k sqft) on .73 ac. sold for $1M even last October. Was that a family sale or is this listing still severely overpriced at $2.7M?

  11. WCI

    Wait, what? Now I see that this house IS also called 2 Silk Rd, so did it sell last year or is that the lot that sold?

    Very confusing!

    Zillow has two listings for the same house, this one lacks any information under the “charts & data”

    and this one shows the recent sale @ $1M

    Both listings show pictures of the same house?

  12. Cos Cobber

    I believe they subdivided the front and rear yards of the original home as 1/3 acre building lots. I think Zillow has it wrong. They definately subdivided the space given they took the time to convert the driveway to meet common driveway standards imposed by the town.

    Yes, judging by the aerials the building lots are small and that is probably a secondary reason (the economy being first) as to why they haven’t sold.