Holy bat s…, Andres, this should make you worry

Miami woman has a hit man knock off her (now deceased) boyfriend for just $200 bucks!   I don’t know that the hitman was Colombian, guy, but if the going rate is that low (plus maybe airfare to Westchester County Airport), and I’d recently scammed my fellow countrymen of a few billion bucks, I’d be on the first yacht I could find and headed for the Adriatic, pronto. Walt, you might want to take some precautions too: from what I hear about these people, they like to make retribution an extended family affair.


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3 responses to “Holy bat s…, Andres, this should make you worry

  1. Not a Believer

    Watch credit spreads widen out this month and the stock believers will start running for the doors. True to history, September will be an ugly month. Sell now and pick up everything cheaper in 30 days!

  2. The Duke of Deceptiom

    Shouldn’t Dido Dent be even more worried?

  3. Levitt -- Noel


    Read this – Monica got jewels but didn’t pay sales tax, no, not Monica.