Town and gown – more private school kids going public

The figures are coming in and, as wondered about here and elsewhere last fall (and denied vehemently by certain private school administrators), the Wall Street whacking is having an effect on public school enrollment. Not necessarily ch ildren pulled wailing from the arms of their friends at Brunswick, say, but a lot of kids (100) entering high  school and who would have switched to private this year are staying put. And the surge in elementary school enrollment (25, so far) suggests that many younger students won’t be joining their siblings at Greenwich Academy.

All of which may lead to more crowded classrooms and higher expenses for taxpayers, but I think it’s a positive development, all in all. With the exception of bright, lazy dullards like this writer, smart kids from homes where the parents value education will enhance our classrooms, not burden them.

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  1. Hu Nhu?

    Your optimism is to be admired. Truly wish I shared it.