What? There’s still a profitable industry in the country? Tax it!

Democrats and AFL-CIO eye taxing Wall Street trade transactions. They won’t rest until they control everything. Did you notice the TeddyKare supporter in the picture below? Her government approved and issued sign says “Thank You”. The goal is to make us all entirely dependent on the whim and good will of politicians and their favorites, like labor unions, and to feel gratitude when they bestow a benefit on us. This is appalling. And scary, because I think they’re winning.


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5 responses to “What? There’s still a profitable industry in the country? Tax it!

  1. Wally

    You’re right. Now they are trying to control garage sales!


  2. Wally

    Also, when did the AFL-CIO get in to the business of developing taxing strategies for the securities industry? This government is completely out of control.

  3. Anonymous

    it’s just looting.
    they’re not even trying to hide it anymore, like they did with the early attempts at the healthcare bill.

  4. Anonymous

    “Goldman employees are on track to earn an average of more than $700,000 this year.”

    I’ll have to ask Michelle how I can make ends meet with that ‘suffering’.