When will Obama take over running the government?

So far, he’s done nothing in nine months but wring his hands and blame that Ol’ Debbil Bush. Yes, he increased the deficit from $400 billion to $4 trillion, but Bush made him do it! Sure, Afghanistan is a deteriorating mess, but it’s all Bush’s fault! The Messiah may be able to coast for a few more months on the residual antipathy towards Bush but soon he’s going to have everyone except his nut jobs on the extreme left wondering what exactly he’s doing in office. And it’s already happening. Even the Philadelphia Enquirer, as liberal a paper as you’ll find this side of the New York Times, looks at Obama’s record of non-feasance and advices him to “Get a Grip”.


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2 responses to “When will Obama take over running the government?

  1. John

    After the moving eulogy for the murderer EMK we are starting to see the real color of Mr. Obama’s persona. Picking Rahm Emanual as WH Chief of Staff should have been the tip off. Should have stayed in Chilmark maybe another few months.



  2. GaJim

    I saw that article and decided to Google “white house blames” this morning. I found 21.4 million entries. Guess “The buck stops here!” is sooo 20th Century!