Messiah to address all school children. Attention must be paid.

Javol, ist hope und change!

Javol, ist hope und change!

Yes, The One will speak to our nation’s public school children on September 8th and, while the parodies have started, I was shocked to discover that this list of instructions to the NEA was not part of any parody – it’s straight from Command Headquarters.

• Why is it important that we listen to the President and other elected officials, like the mayor, senators, members of congress, or the governor? Why is what they say important?

During the Speech:

• As the President speaks, teachers can ask students to write down key ideas or phrases that are important or personally meaningful. Students could use a note-taking graphic organizer such as a Cluster Web, or students could record their thoughts on sticky notes. Younger children can draw pictures and write as appropriate.

As students listen to the speech, they could think about the following:

What is the President trying to tell me?
What is the President asking me to do?
What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?

• Students can record important parts of the speech where the President is asking them to do something.

• Students might think about: What specific job is he asking me to do? Is he asking anything of anyone else? Teachers? Principals? Parents? The American people?


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35 responses to “Messiah to address all school children. Attention must be paid.

  1. Peg

    I hope they film it, Chris. Like this guy did:

  2. Anonymous

    Are they serious?

    This is the sort of thing that will enable, I pray, the Republicans to retake control of Congress in the midterms.

    And I also pray that the Republicans have learned something from their own well-deserved trouncing.

  3. Anonymous

    Unions (incl teachers), commies and affirmative action community organizers will always be “joined at hip”

  4. anon 2

    Chris, I take immense satisfaction that you and your uber-conservative junior high clique are in for 7 more years of intense frustration while Obama is president and the country moves forward and leaves you behind, stuck in your outmoded thinking and looking to an imagined past that never existed and you can never reclaim.

    Teachers, commies, Hitler rallies, etc. — funny stuff. If only you realized how you all sound to normal moderate people. Keep on shaking your fists in the air and shouting at the sky like crazy homeless people. The internet is great that you can sit around and reinforce your fringe views with a handful of others around the country because otherwise you would just get ignored in real life conversation.

    I’ve hesitated to post recently, because it seems so pointless trying to converse with people like you (actually, case in point is that Chris kindly blocks my posts because he must get so flummoxed by them).

    Have you noticed how so few people post comments when you write about non-real estate topics? Only a tiny handful of people care about these postings and agree with your slanted view on things. The ratio is pretty overwhelming of real estate posts vs. the social commentary. A lot of times you get zero postings. Why do you bother? It seems so pointless and actually self defeating. Don’t you think many potential clients view you very negatively and won’t contact you to be their agent when you post images of Nazi propaganda, call the president the Messiah, and derisively refer to muslims Musslemen? It’s not funny – just very sad. Really, it’s like you never got out of junior high — your comments are indistinguishable from a typical 13-year-old.

    I only read your blog occasionally because I’m in the market for a home. Heaven help anyone who reads it for your social commentary, in which case please get a life.

    Your real estate postings and observations are often good. But boy, the other crap you post is so tiresome and annoying. Please stop. For the sake of your own reputation – what little of it you have left.

    I’ll point out one final irony and hypocrisy about you. You rail all the time on how you think the government is telling people how to live their lives. Have you noticed how often you write about how YOU think people should live their lives, whether it’s how to buy/sell homes or whatever other random social things you post about? And you make these amazing assumptions about other people’s situations when you have zero information. So why is it you think you have the right to tell others how to live their lives in a public forum?

  5. anonymous2

    Let’s hope thinking parents keep their children home, rather than have them indoctrinated into Obama’s cult of personality. It’s all another reason not to trust the public schools. Will Greenwich Schools have the courage to say no?

  6. Anonymous

    Who is going to stop the Greenwich Public ‘schools’ from following the indoctrination policy?

    Public schools = Government schools

  7. Your Analyst

    anon 2 – you’re being much too hard on CF.

    Good junior high sexual-repression bathroom humor is hard to find, but just what the “professional realtors” of Greenwich need to put their pomposity in its place, especially since CF knows “what it’s worth.”

    Too bad CF likes to take it out on women victims of the system, like Ms. Hagel Smith, or Walt’s 5 daughters, who collectively did very little to deserve or bring on the shame they now live with.

  8. concerned

    that was awfully long winded. hey it’s a blog read it and move on

  9. SPQR

    Chris: Despite what Anonymous2 says, I love your non-real estate postings even more than the real estate ones. Keep up the fight!

  10. Old Coot

    What SPQR said X10.

  11. Anonymous

    today was the first day of school for GPS. a bit early to ask the question about the school’s plans for the proposed Sept. 8 address by Dear Leader fur die Obama-Jugend.

    we will keep you posted.

    re: anon2, sounds like some serious unresolved life tensions.

    blog away CF, you have many fans, and the polls let alone the NY Times bestseller list confirms that yours is neither an isolated nor an extreme viewpoint.

  12. The Duke of Deceptiom

    anon2 conveniently neglected to address the subject at hand — Dear Leaders talk to the little kiddies.

    Keep it up Chris — you’re a time machine.

  13. Cos Cobber

    Mega-dittos CF! Keep up the social and political posts. People probably don’t comment because most of us are working and can’t take the time to comment on everything said. Like Concerned said, its a blog, you read it and move on.

  14. kate

    I would just like to say that judging by the poll numbers, Chris may not be in the “fringe” as Anon2 hopes. I, for one, really enjoy Chris’ social/political commentary posts, mostly because i totally agree with him.

  15. B1

    In re “anon 2” –

    I’ve got $5 that says he / she / it is a government employee of some sort. Given the long-windedness of the post, I’d say a high school teacher of English (sorry, “language arts”) or history (damn, my bad again, “world cultures”; can’t tell the kiddies about all those evil Dead White European Men).

    CF, you’re on the right side of history. “Right” as in correct. Keep posting.

  16. Peg

    Kinda says it all that anon2 cannot distinguish the vast difference between individuals expressing their own views about how people should or should not live – and the government doing it, frequently with a mandate that it must be followed.

    Americans do and should have the freedom to state what they wish. Our government should run as best they can that which is their constitutional responsibility – and leave the rest to its citizens.

  17. '73Refugee

    I’m with Cos Cobber (& Peg!), but I’ll add that I also refrain from some comments because I fear they’ll turn out to be as reactionary and poorly thought out as anon 2’s was.

  18. anon1

    I also enjoy your political posts, CF. It is safe to say you are not the only non-liberal in this state.

  19. Way Up Valley


    Anon2 reveals his/the agenda in the first sentence — schadenfreude to the max.

    Would that the Ministries of Progressive Compliance would be so bold.

    What kind of rational progressive individual takes satisfaction in the frustration of others? I thought the whole point was to improve the collective.

    Let’s not be the lumpen proletariat by lumpen together a bunch of ideas and viewpoints that have nuthin to do with each other.

    You don’t need to be “worried” about healthcare or anything else to be “worried” about a presidential propaganda machine that takes the NEA (which arguably should not exist in the first place) and uses it as a tool of information management to our nation’s youth, en masse, complete with instructions crafted by what can only be obsessive readers of Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

    There should be an instruction sheet that says: Do the smarter and less sheep-like students wonder why this Orwellian moment is taking place? Do they have the temerity to ask? Will they be punished if they wonder aloud?

    Some of what Obama is doing makes sense, some of it doesn’t, some of it is unclear, but whether or not Sarah Palin is coherent has nothing to do with the point at hand: The Obamaists are engaging in a kind of “education” campaign that should be alarming to anyone who knows anything about history, American or otherwise.

    Embracing it without questioning it (or defending it without understanding it) is inexcusable, whether or not you want to tell CF he’s a middle aged middle-schooler or whine about other topics.

    Associating extremist propaganda with Obama stuff is sometimes obnoxious or silly, but in this case, it has some merit. If you knew what the Hitler Youth actually was, you’d get it.

    Critical thinking means thinking critically, not sniping and gloating just like the 13 year old you accuse Chris of being.

    Hosenscheisser — Du hast keine Ahnung.

  20. Pete

    Looks like Annon2 is in the minority on this blog by 17 to 1.

  21. Anonymous

    I thought old-fashioned New England Libertarians were rare as snipe… until FWIW. I have a large group of republican/libertarian/conservative friends, we talk all the time about CFs posts and email them out to one another. CF is thoughtful and posts well-researched information on his site. Contrary to the opinion of most liberals that free speech protection applies only to their views, CF is free to write whatever he wishes on his blog. There’s thousands of FWIW fans who read every one of his well written and witty words. Personally I try to read left wing blogs, too, always interesting to know what other people think. However, I restrain myself from calling the bloggers idiots because they don’t think like me. How arrogant some people are… Readers of this www site are lucky that CF takes his valuable time to post his, and other’s, thoughts. CF is awesome!

  22. Lorin

    This is one of the most interesting sites I vist on a daily basis. I am impressed at the way anon2 reveals her/himself to be utterly indoctrinated and unable to see what is actually going on. Overeducated, useful idiot eh? Keep it up rock.

  23. Helsa Poppin

    Thanks for posting, anon2. It’s a good reminder to the rest of us of what’s out there.

    What’s happening in our country right now is so upsetting to me that I have a hard time reading, watching, and listening to the news. This blog helps keep me informed, in a peering-between-my-fingers kind of way. Keep up the good work.

  24. Cobra

    I’d leave a comment re: anon 2, but it would be rabidly vituperative and meaningfully less than family friendly.

    So, I’ll leave it at…keep it up, Chris. You have my vote.

    Screw the scaly lizard objectors. If they want to suck up communist crap, they should wallow at Daily K’os and Huffington Post sites, leaving FWIW to those who understand the concept of reality.

  25. Vineyard Vines

    Make that 17-2. Thanks for the elloquent repsonse anon 2.

    Its sad to see the baby boomer generation fizzle out and become irrelevant.

    Its just like all the old timers at the town hall meeting. Or the racism that exists in town (places such as BHYC).

    Time to flush out the old and backward way of thinking.

  26. Lorin

    Speaking of racism..anyone see the story of the three fisherman lost at sea off the coast of Texas? Or the family treated to an Extreme Home Makeover this week?hmmm?

  27. KC

    I’ve enjoyed FWIW for so long without comment, it seems like I should take this opportunity to thank CF for a great website. I don’t live in the area and don’t get all of the local references but I often stop by to see what’s on CF’s mind. I’m usually glad that I did. Keep it up, Chris.

  28. Greenwich Gal

    I just love all the postings and the debate…It is that which makes America great. Truly. Rock on CF and all those who post. Free Speech is the bedrock of our country.

  29. Lola

    I guess you’re aware that both Bush Sr. and Reagan did the EXACT SAME THING?

    President George H.W. Bush addressed the nation’s students in a televised speech during school hours in 1991. ”I can’t understand for the life of me what’s so great about being stupid,” Bush said, according to news reports from the time. He told students to ”block out the kids who think it’s not cool to be smart” and ”work harder, learn more.”

    Reagan did it too:
    “President Ronald Reagan gave a similar speech to students as he was winding-up his second term in the Oval Office. The nationally-televised dialogue with students — which was held in November, 1988 — resembles the scheduled Obama event in many ways.

    In the early afternoon hours of November 14, 1988, President Reagan, seated in the White House State Dining Room, proclaimed that he was “particularly pleased to be talking to American students” and then added “a special hello to those of you who are watching on C-Span.”

  30. Pinzgauer

    I admit upfront that I am by far not as smart or educated as anon2.

    What I do bring to this discussion is the fact that I grew up and lived for the first half of my adult life in the social environment anon2 and the like so much yearn for.

    It creates a population of (equal, yes) sheep, no drive and no expectations from life. Politicians decide how much money to take from you (between taxes and deductions for “healthcare” pretty much everything) and then decide how to spend it. Once the system is set up it doesn’t matter any longer who wins an election. The two, three or four party system is a formality for the illusion of democracy’s sake only. The Left won the war.
    I am pretty sure this is the endgame here as well.

    Personally I could not stand that way of living and became an American Citizen, I love this Country, the people, and it’s amazing history with the resulting way of life.

    It kills me to see the ignorance in someone like anon2 (by that I mean he simply doesn’t know and I can’t hold that against him); how they gave us what we have now; how they want to destroy everything I hold dear in this country and turn it into what I left because I hated it.

    To me this is not just a theoretical, political discussion.
    I lived it.
    I’m very sad.

  31. Pinzgauer

    ……. by the way this is a blog.
    Not an educational or informational website, it’s Chris’ BLOG. He gets to say whatever he wants. Anyone can do the same. Well, for now anyway.
    You don’t like what he says, don’t click to get here.
    As for me, I love his writings.
    Keep it up Chris, I know you will.

  32. KC

    Thanks, Pinzgauer. You added real insight to this discussion.

  33. anon 2

    Interesting posts, deserving follow-up:
    – CF occasionally censors posts – not all the time, but sometimes. So be careful in your assumptions about Dear Blogger CF facilitating free speech. Of course it’s his blog, but I think there’s a presumption that your post will go through if it’s not profane, and CF should be more upfront on his censorship.
    – Some perspective on the running tally of pro-CF posts: if you think this somehow confirms that CF’s and his followers views are mainstream and majority, you are naive. This blog has a limited audience and you are self-selecting readers who like what he writes. Taking just Greenwich alone with its 61,000 residents, 20 or even 50 of you don’t mean anything statistically. You should actually be concerned about this level of support rather than patting yourselves on the back.
    – I am COMPLETELY for robust debate and respect all respectful views. But when CF repeatedly uses Nazi imagery in a public forum equating Obama to that level of evil, I find it RIDICULOUS and OFFENSIVE and should not be the type of debate that smart people like CF and the rest of you engage in. You owe it to yourselves, your friends, neighbors, family, etc. to aspire to a higher level of discourse. (and I make no defense for the equally reprehensible images of Bush as Hitler, which disappointingly CF uses as justification for his behavior) If you really think it’s OK to write and talk this way, then by all means talk loudly in restaurants, stores, and houses of worship of how you think Obama is the new Hitler and see what type of reaction you get. In case you didn’t notice, your local Republican town leader openly decries it. But if you really believe this in your heart, then please show your proud true colors to those around you in Greenwich. You know you won’t, and you know exactly why.
    – I grant that there is a viable concern if Obama uses his address to promote his policies or as an opportunity for adulation to create a cult of personality. But why don’t you wait until the speech actually happens to judge its content and motives? People are reading into this some nefarious intent that verges on paranoia. If Obama does actually say something objectionable and you have kids that see it, then use it as an opportunity to educate them about abuse of authority, past history of dictators, etc. Do you really think he’s trying to co-opt children for evil purposes? This is extreme and bizarre thinking.
    – I love the insults thrown at me. If that’s all you can can do and say nothing of substance, then that defines who you are. The most amusing thing to me are the assumptions about me being a teacher, ignorant, etc. This is typical of conservatives — you make your own ignorant assumptions about others just because they disagree with you. If it makes you feel less marginalized to imagine me to be some poor little government worker advocating communism or whatever, then continue deluding yourself. I’ll refrain from any boorish specifics and just say the reality is quite the opposite, and I am a fat and happy raving capitalist, proud American, and I dislike unions and their crap. FWIW, I have a better handle on true oppression than most of you given my own family’s history during WWII of surviving aerial bombings, occupation, public executions, etc. So maybe you’ll understand better now why I have a problem with comparing Obama to Hitler.
    – The smartest thing anyone said was that this is a blog. Yes, I get it — don’t know why I care enough to write frankly. I suppose I just like living in Greenwich and don’t understand this type of poisonous discourse. Don’t worry, I won’t post this long again. Thanks CF if you post this.