Two more Greenwich listings on the block?

Whistling past the graveyard - Andy Madoff strolls by jail cells

Whistling past the graveyard - Andy Madoff strolls by jail cells

While you lick your chops and wait for Walter Noel’s cottage at 175 Round Hill Road to go on the sheriff’s auction block, you might want to start considering living at 21 Cherry Valley Road or 57 Tomac Avenue, the locations of Bernie Madoff’s kid’s weekend homes. (Ex-wife Susan has the best place, actually, in Lucas Point, but I think she grabbed the divorce proceeds in cash and got away long before the fraud was exposed. I don’t think she can – or should – be touched). Madoff’s bankruptcy trustee Irving Picard has just announced that he’s going after the boys (he’s already got his teeth buried in Walt’s shank). First up for examination is the Nantucket house that either Andy or Mark bought in the spring of 2008 with Madoff funds, but while Nantucket’s a fine place to visit, surely Picard’s ears will prick when he hears, “Greenwich real estate”.


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7 responses to “Two more Greenwich listings on the block?

  1. 09/09/09

    Just one week away until the Boston fireworks start for Noel. Where are Mulligan and What is his name?, Faison.

  2. xyzzy

    which house is Madoff’s on Tomac again?

  3. The Duke of Deceptiom

    Seriously, what took Irv so long?

  4. Ignatius

    Have the Noels not been spotted anywhere? Not Walt? Not Monica? None of the fillies? They seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth? Does anybody in Greenwich EVER see them? Are they not getting their hair cut? Church? Golf? Eating out? Where HAVE they gone????

  5. Jane

    Alix played quite a few matches for Round Hill this summer. So, clearly, she is not ashamed.

  6. No Shame

    Alix and Marisa also hitting the Hamptons scene this summer while the rest of us snooks are parking it at Tod’s Point.

    Shameless self-promoters — they take after the Queen Mare.