No contracts today, but some sales data

41 Stonebridge nee Hooker Lane: $1.590 million. Purchased $1.555 2003. Assessment: $1.490

11 Juniper: $4,000,000. Purchased 2002: $4.3 million. Assessment: $3.5 million

48 Byfield Lane (new). $5.150 million. Original price (2007) $7.5 million. Assessment: $4.12 million

143 Otter Rock: $4.5 million. Bought 2007: $4.7 million.

407 Sound Beach Ave (new): $3.250. Original price (2008): $3.995 Assessment: $1.96 (must have friend in assessor’s office)


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10 responses to “No contracts today, but some sales data

  1. Anonymous

    Can you please change your banner? That ugly building is getting uglier.

  2. Another Anon

    I disagree. They’re restoring that building to its youthful vigor, and its looking great, in a retro sort of way – sort of like the old TWA terminal at JFK.

    And the hedgies will be able to grab lunch at their choice of Pasta Vera, Myrna’s Mediterranean, Barcelona, Garelick and Herbs, Kira Sushi or Subway Sandwich (Eat Fresh!), all just a short walk away.

    That alone is worth the rent.

  3. I Canoe Bayou

    Write in vote:
    Bring back the photo of the red house with the blue window frames along the creek near Ole’s. Speaking of which, what is the story behind the red house with the blue window frames along the creek near Ole’s? And, while I have you, what is happening to Ole’s?

  4. Krazy Kat

    My vote is for Hoops on the masthead!!!!

    • christopherfountain

      I would do it, Fly, but the fixed format demands a horizontal picture. If you can convince the girl to ly down while you photogrqph her, she’ll be posted in seconds.

  5. FlyAngler

    Chris: Why are these home selling at premiums to their assessments? Especially, those north of 3mm?!

    Don’t these buyers know that they are supposed to demand a price BELOW the assessment?

    Aren’t the buyers going to feel really foolish when the market collapses and their market values are down 20% from their purchase prices a year from now?

    Idiots! (TFPIC)

  6. duff

    Chris, any further update on status of Smarty Noble at Patriot?

  7. christopherfountain

    That’s an old oyster house, I Canoe, beautifully maintained by Dot McCullough. Paul Palmer, now in his 80s, tells me that in his grandfather’s day the steady procession of deep-draft oyster boats kept the creek dredged and they could come in even at low tide – would that were the case today. Also rumored to have been used by rum runners during Prohibition but, although I can’t dig in my garden next door without turning up old bottles, I haven’t confirmed this. Sue Hastings Glendon, tells me that when her parents opend the walls of their old house just up at the point of the creek they discovered a huge stash of hidden whiskey, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Oyster house were put to that same use. Don’t know what Eric Amundsen’s got going with the boat yard. The DEP banned al floating docks there, which put the repair shop out of business, but I’ve seen people moving about the site recently and the for rent sign’s gone, so something may be up. Eric?

  8. FlyAngler

    “Fly”, “Krazy Kat” – is there a difference?

    And what about those premiums to the assessed values? Did you get distracted by Hoops, again?!