Didn’t watch it but read the transcript. Here’s what I see: mandatory insurance for all, which just goes one more step toward forcing people to toe the government line – hardly surprising coming from this socialist, and more bullshit. Look at this quote:

The only thing this plan would eliminate is the hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud, as well as unwarranted subsidies in Medicare that go to insurance companies – subsidies that do everything to pad their profits and nothing to improve your care. And we will also create an independent commission of doctors and medical experts charged with identifying more waste in the years ahead.

The man claims that most of the cost of his (still undetailed) “plan” would be paid for by this recapture of dollars currently being lost to waste and fraud, so ask yourself this: when has any administration, any Congress, reduced the costs of any program by this (or any) technique? 

And then ask yourself, why doesn’t Obama detail the hundreds of billions of dollars in fraud and waste that he has discovered and tell us what, specifically he is going to eliminate? 

Finally, ask yourself why our mainstream media pretend that this man is serious?


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  1. Walt

    Dude Man –
    I sense scepticism on your part. It may just be Old Uncle Walt’s keen sixth sense, but I sense doubt on your part. And my sixth sense is why no one has ever been able to pull the wool over me.
    Why, exactly, don’t you trust Barakistan to do what is best for you?
    Lets examine the facts of government running private sector initiatives. OK?
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Barnie Frankster told us how solid and well run they were, right? So we pissed away a couple of hundred billion after he told us that, and fired them all, but we own the printing presses, so who cares? Right?
    Social Security? A bigger Ponzi than Bernie, but while it is humming, it is a wonderful thing. Trust me on this Dude. Just don’t ask to collect when the fat lady stops singing.
    Amtrack – that worked out well.
    Off Track Betting – the first bookie ever to go broke. Ta DAAA!!
    V.A. Hospitals – go for a hangnail, and they amputate a leg!! Who wouldn’t want that!!
    The Post Office – a model of efficiency. And where else can you go to chat to a serial killers?
    Other than that, we have the I.R.S., The S.E.C. and my favorite – THE DMV!!!
    Dude – why don’t you think they can handle the entire health care system of the country and do it better than the private sector? Do you have one SHRED of proof? You Load.
    Your Pal,

  2. Riverside Roger

    look at what we have to look forward to in a National Health Service:


  3. pulled up in OG

    Asshole of the month – congressional division:

    Representative Joe Wilson [R] South Carolina

  4. Anonymous

    Neither career community organizers nor media types (nor other communists) are competent in using arithmetic or stats 101 or basic economics

    Rhetoric and sound bites are so much easier…and play better with a financially illiterate voter base or TV watching crowd

  5. Vineyard Vines

    sounds like a good idea to me.

    do you really think health insurance companies care about you and me? i’ll take my chances with whatever reform is offered.

    try getting health insurance after you’ve been sick.

  6. Noel's

    We will pay for healthcare for all with our Madoff money, just drop all your lawsuits.

  7. DB

    While I enjoy Democrat bashing as much as the next guy……the GOP hasn’t exactly been fiscal conservative over time.


    “Charlie Cook and others are predicting a sea-change in public mood, with support for the GOP rising because of deficits. This strikes me as an amazing thing. It makes Charlie Brown, the football and Lucy look like the model of intelligent interaction. If you believe in fiscal conservatism, the last place on earth you should look for salvation is the GOP. They have single-handedly destroyed America’s finances since the 1980s, with the sole exception of George H W Bush, who was rejected by his own party precisely because of his fiscal sobriety. The current debt is overwhelmingly inherited by Obama, and it would have been nuts to enter office in the downdraft of the sharp recession and set about cutting spending. Bush had eight years to restrain it and he didn’t. He let it rip. Think of the GOP’s phony concerns about the cost of the current healthcare bill and compare it with the GOP’s prescription drug entitlement that Rove rammed through the Congress when the GOP held total power. The costs then were about eight times as great as the proposed costs now. But that was a Republican measure and so it doesn’t somehow count as evidence of fiscal irresponsibility. But Nancy Pelosi only has to raise an eye-brow and the alarms go off.

    Somehow – thanks in part to dishonest partisan hacks like Glenn Reynolds and Sean Hannity – the Bush-Cheney debt is all Obama’s fault and you need to get Republicans back to fix it. A commenter on Bruce Bartlett’s Forbes column has the best response to that:

    “The last Republican who left the office of the presidency with the federal public debt as a percentage of GDP less than when he entered was Richard Nixon (FY 1975). The last Republican who left the office of the presidency with a federal deficit less than 2.7% of GDP was Dwight Eisenhower (FY 1961). Since WW II no Democratic president has ever left office with the federal public debt as a percentage of GDP more than when he entered. And since WW II no Democratic president has ever left office with a federal deficit more than 2.6% of GDP.”

    We already have at least one party of fiscal responsibility. It’s called the Democratic Party.

    Which, of course, is still a problem. But nothing like the fiscal lunacy of the GOP. ”

    Hearing the GOP complain about the deficit and issues with funding national health care just amuses me. Since we currently pay significantly more per capita then other all other countries and do not insure all (insane), there seams to be plenty of roam to save a few bucks by fixing the system:


    • christopherfountain

      God knows you’re right, DB. It’s why the Republican party is so despised, at least by financial conservatives. While they were pounding their chests over “family values” (did you see the video yesterday of an Orange County family value legislator bragging about his spanking sessions with a lobbyist?) they were spending our money with the same alacrity the Democrats do.
      Time for a third party, I think. Actually, it’s way past time.

  8. cookslaw

    I read the speech differently. According to Obama there are hundreds of billions of dollars of waste and fraud taking place and which has taken place since he was elected which he will allow to continue UNLESS his helathcare plan is voted in

  9. Anonymous

    Barry is the Bernie Madoff of politics.

  10. HG

    The quote from the speech that CF posted does highlight an interesting phrase (“doctors and medical experts”) which has become conventional useage for the Obama speechwriting team. My advice to our president would be to ditch the jokers on his communications staff for lapses like this–they make our President who is naturally a pretty blunt and honest guy sound like he is trying to sneak bureaucrats into the medical decision-making process. Where I come from, when people need to go to the medical expert’s office for a check-up, they just say ‘doctor’.

  11. Anonymous

    the guy lies more than LBJ, Nixon, and Clinton combined.

    can give a nice speech though.

  12. Arouet

    You can mandate insurance coverage and fine those who do not comply–or you can simply deny care to them instead. If you are not willing to deny care to non-payers, you can’t finance health care goods and services with private sector models. So either (1) concede a need for public sector funding; or (2) be honest about your willingness to let that motorcyle accident victim have his bones set with yardsticks and duct tape at Joe’s Garage. Happens every day in India and China.

  13. networthdeclining

    P>S> is there a legit fact check site that goes after any claims they make in these speeches in a balanced awy? I’d love to see it. I beleive there are factual issues in his speech of a serious nature, not just differences in perspective.

  14. DB

    I’ll go with door number two.

    Until you are the one with the leg wrapped up with a yardstick. LOL

  15. anon 2

    Since someone asked, this is a non-biased site for checking claims by politicians and political groups, including the health care debate.

    “Twenty-six Lies About H.R. 3200
    A notorious analysis of the House health care bill contains 48 claims. Twenty-six of them are false and the rest mostly misleading. Only four are true.”