Scott Frantz gunning for Himes

So I ran into our State Senator at Arcadia Coffee yesterday and, naturally, asked when he was going to announce for Jim Himes’ Congressional seat. What he actually said was, “oh, the timing’s not right, there’s so much work to do in Hartford”, but those with a keen ear for politicoease, like me, know that what he really meant was, “Are you kidding? I’m going after him with a red-hot set of pliers and when I’m done twisting him in all his sensitive spots, that wealthy son of privilege will be howling to be sent back to his prep school detention hall.”

Or that’s how I heard it; your interpretation may differ.


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11 responses to “Scott Frantz gunning for Himes

  1. Anthony Fountain

    Like reading tea leaves.

  2. anonymommy

    “that wealthy son of privilege will be howling to be sent back to his prep school detention hall.”

    surely you speak of l. scott frantz? summers as a boy sailing in newport beach, and a graduate of hotchkiss, princeton and dartmouth. did i miss a random public school somewhere? perhaps he drove by one once…

  3. anonymommy

    not that i have a problem with any of that privilege, by the way, i just think it’s disingenuous of you to paint himes that way when talking about frantz…

  4. Dorothy from Kansas

    CF’s humor-writing career needs to wait. Stick to your novel. First page kinda needs updating already.

    Our man in Hartford has spoken well.

  5. anonymommy

    d’oh! my bad. getting up for the baby leads to sleep deprivation which leads to a dulled sense of humor!

  6. Kidding Really??

    I like Scott but why the hell would he want to stay in politics when I think he sees how screwed up the system really is?

  7. Time

    Where do you guys find the time to drink coffee? Nice cat in the window of the bookstore next door however.

  8. Riverside

    I heard it the same way!

  9. the all knowing observer

    Are you kidding?

    NO chance Frantz runs now. Maybe in 2010 since Republicans seem to have given up on this seat already. In 2010 he’d have more of a record to run on.

    You’re dreaming Fountain. Stick to what you’re best at. Denying global warming.