Bad times fraying real estate agents’ tempers?

I’ve been hearing stories of nasty behavior between real estate agents these past months as commissions grow smaller and less frequent but with the exception of one desperate lady who keeps emailing my clients (in violation of our rules) inquiring if they’d like to work with her instead of me, I haven’t seen much personally. But I did a small rental last month and, after correcting an address error, sent a second bill for my commission just today – I could use a new tank of gas. Back comes a snotty reply, promising to “pass along” my bill to the owner (hey lady, you and your firm promised the commission, not the owner – if you didn’t think to collect it at closing, that’s your problem, not mine) and perhaps I’d get paid “for all the work you did.” That last, you will be shocked to learn, was meant to be sarcastic.

My clients went to this particular agent’s office to sign a lease application while I was out of town and she spent most of her time complaining that I wasn’t there to help with the credit work, what was I doing for my money, etc. etc. Not very professional to disparage another agent and really dumb to confess that you need another agent’s help to fill out a credit application (name, social security number and address). Then, to complain about paying me for “the work I did” which was, after all, spending several months with these nice people, showing them multiple houses and showing the house in question twice, is to reveal how desperate this woman is to keep both sides of a rental comission. If you’re going to cop an attitude, honey, at least do it for something larger than the cost of a dozen ice cream cones.

My clients didn’t like this lady and in fact were suspicious of her motives and some of her representations. When they mentioned that to her she dismissed their concerns saying “I’ve been voted Real Estate Agent of the Year by my peers”. That’s not an award I pay much attention to or vote for, but if this particular lady represents the highest standards and values of the Greenwich real estate profession, I suggest you start using exclusively from now on.


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15 responses to “Bad times fraying real estate agents’ tempers?

  1. Stanwich

    Was it Jean or Tamar?

    • christopherfountain

      Neither – those two are real professionals and wouldn’t engage in such petty crap. Besides, Jean is my friend.

  2. Cos Cobber

    How about someone with the initials B.W. at pru.

  3. cynic1

    OK then … names, man … names

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    NOW you are getting it. Keep up the comedy writing. You have no sense of humor, so you will find it hard, but the above post is a CLASSIC I tell you. I read it 20 minutes ago, and just finished rolling on the floor.
    Implying “Professional Real Estate Agents” have ethics or rules? Brilliant!! Everyone who has ever dealt with one of you will find that funny.
    Not expecting “Professional Real Estate Agents” to disparage one another? You would cut each others throats for the last sip of a stale cup of day old coffee. Everyone knows it. BRILLIANT AGAIN!!
    Calling the folks you schlep around trying to convince them to buy overpriced swampland “clients” instead of schills? Prose, my friend!!
    “All the work you do”? I needed a pamper change!!!!
    “Real Estate Broker of the Year Award”? PRICELESS I SAY!!!
    Good job, and keep it up Dude. Your postings have been pretty lame recently. You load.
    Your Pal,

  5. How did she get your clients email address to solicit them?

  6. sandy

    Jean is a real class act with a heart of gold. No one works harder or is better at what they do. I am tired of people giving her a bad rap. Those who do in this business are just jealous.
    Was it Janie? Barbara?

    • christopherfountain

      No and no. But I absolutely agree with you about Jean. She has a huge heart and if her passion for doing a deal amuses me, it also gives me confidence. I’ve always told my clients that it’s good news when jean is on the other side because if there’s any way to make a deal happen she’ll do it regardless of the obstacles. It’s no accident she is usually the top selling agent in town. And yes, she gets bad press, but never from me – she’s never done me wrong, often done me a kindness and I like her, very much.

  7. Towny

    She is Joe D’s niece too. me thinks

  8. pulled up in OG

    Just curious, Chris – what’s with all the meetings?

    Greenwich town meetings
    Mon – Board of Realtors: 8:30 a.m., Town Hall, Mazza Room.
    Wed – Board of Realtors: 8:30 a.m., Town Hall, Mazza Room.
    Fri – Greenwich Association of Realtors: 9 a.m., Town Hall, Meeting Room.

    • christopherfountain

      Darned if I know – I don’t follow the Board’s actions closely (okay, not at all) but that does sound unusual. I’ll ask around.

  9. Gideon Fountain

    Um, sorry, but NO agent is your “friend”. It’s all about the commission, old boy. Nevertheless, it is pathetic for a broker to attempt to gyp you out of a lousy rental commish. Jeeso-Peets, has it come to this??

  10. Anonymous

    Did she make your clients sign the ‘dual agency’ forms?

  11. Riverside Roger

    funny thing i always thought she was a nice lady until i heard something similar about her recently.
    Does a lot of volunteer work. Obviously not a fan of yours…:))) Bad form.