Something nice to say about Jim Himes

Turns out that Jim Himes was in Wall Street on 9/11 and, trained in emergency medicine, rushed to the scene to help. That shows courage, a good head and real modesty because I, at least, had never heard him speak of it. Himes is quoted as saying that he was “scared, befuddled and angry” that day, as I think we all were, and I am impressed that he could keep his head about him in that situation and help. I also am relieved to learn that he was angry then and is still angry – a lot of his Democrat peers seem to have forgotten that emotion (I heard yesterday that tour bus guides now refer to 9/11 as “the Trade Center accident” – good God almighty). I place national security alongside a wish for a strong economy. In Himes case, half a loaf is better than none.


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8 responses to “Something nice to say about Jim Himes

  1. dogwalker

    Have you ever heard him talk to a smallish group? My opinion of him went way up after I did. There is little denying he is a decent guy who means well, in my newly formed opinion. We just might not agree on the extent of the role of government in accomplishing what’s good.

  2. I was an early Jim Himes supporter after meeting him, as dogwalker above did, in a small group meet-and-greet in 2007 during the beginning of the campaign. Impressed not only by his intelligence but by his forthrightness, I was blown away by him telling his 9/11 story when he was asked about it. Even more impressive was the fact that he never used it in campaign literature or commercials, even though his courage would have made a hell of a TV spot. As a Congressman, he’s been too cautious and circumspect for my tastes, but I would think that his very cautious and thoughtful approach would be more appealing to middle-of-the-roaders. Whatever you may think of his politics, he’s a decent man in the job for the right reasons.

  3. Anon

    If my memory serves me correctly, I had read somewhere that he walked home to Greenwich from the WTC after the attack.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Don’t forget the snow…

  5. Anonymous

    Not quite right, Anon (but still impressive, if true):

    “His friends say that Mr. Himes, a Rhodes scholar who was captain of the lightweight crew team at Harvard, has plenty of experience pulling off daunting feats. There was the time when, in the Northeast blackout of 2003, he could not reach his wife and daughters. He put on a pair of sneakers and walked home — from Union Square in Manhattan to Cos Cob, Conn., a 31-mile trek that took nine hours.”

  6. Rachelle

    Any independent witnesses to this event? I was in NYC on 9/11 and you would be amazed at some of the recollections I’ve heard from some folks over the years and some folks whose recollections seem to havem shall we say, blossomed as others’ memories grew less distinct.

  7. Anonymous

    “When I came out of the subway, Broadway was filled with people looking up. I walked two blocks up Broadway to 85 Broad. I saw one of the Towers was on fire.”

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