Buy in haste, repent at leisure

99 Richmond Hill Road

99 Richmond Hill Road

This owner paid $8.4 million for the place in 2006, spent an additional million on it even though it was new and then this year bit the bullet and put it on the market for $6.995. It sold today for $5.9 million. Oooh.


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5 responses to “Buy in haste, repent at leisure

  1. InfoDiva

    The tax rolls show that the house is owned in the name of a trustee–a fellow by the name of Corey Barash. A quick Google search shows that Mr. Barash is a money manager who represents lots of celebrity types.

    Any idea about who actually took the bath on this place?

  2. Anonymous

    The front-loading garage is ugly, ugly, ugly. It ruins any curb appeal this place may have had without it, and that ain’t saying much, IMHO anyway. The seller was lucky to get $6 mil for it no matter what other wonderful attributes has.

    I can hear the new owners’ friends arriving for the house-warming party now: “They paid six million dollars for that?”

  3. Stanwich

    $6m seems high for that corner of the earth. Original price was drug-induced stupid.

  4. Old School Grump

    Anonymous at 8:36, I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds front loading garages to be ugly in general, and front loading garages in multi-million dollar houses to be incomprehensible. Hey, why not put your chain link dog run out there too, and a shed to store your lawn and gardening equipment?