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A PARABLE FOR OUR TIMES: They thought it was about free health care, but it was actually a mugging.

They were well-dressed when they knocked on the door of a Huntington home last month and said they had information about President Barack Obama’s health care plan. That’s how they got inside to commit a violent home invasion on Aug. 29, a Suffolk prosecutor said Monday. A woman who lives at the house answered the door and said she would take one of the pamphlets. That’s when Thompson, 31, of Brooklyn and Desir, 26, of Nyack forced their way inside, Kurtzrock said.

Beware of strange men promising free medical care.

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  1. Interested Observer

    This story reminds me of one a few years ago when a 76 year old FL man, doctors bag in hand, was arrested for going door to door offering “free breast exams”. (and actually found two women that took him up on his offer)

    He was arrested after one of the women became suspicious that he was not using gloves during the exam. Ummm, excuse me? THAT’S the only reason she was suspicious?? You can’t fix stupid.