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Scusie Sunday!

Scusie Valbella

Scusie Valbella

For those of you who don’t read the Greenwich Time on Sundays and thereby avoid their gossip columnist Scusie, I present her work here, slightly edited.

Mary Tyler Moore seen at Greenwich Hardware buying rat traps and D-Con with her assistant shopper, Dion.

Mel Gibson seen discussing sale of his house on Old Mill  to Mick Jagger at Al Franklin’s Music store.

Frank Gifford and Regis seen hitting on residents at the Mews – “at their age, they’re grateful for the attention,” Frank explained.

Ron Howard, Mr. Adopt-A-Dog, manned the euthanasia station at our new dog pound this week to celebrate its grand opening.

First Selectman Peter Tesei spotted egging Lin Lavery’s car Friday night.

Franklin Bloomer has installed baseball cards in the spokes of his bicycle and can he seen, and heard, zooimg up and down Pinecrest Road having just the time of his life. Vrooom!

Scott Frantz is still not running for Congress.

And that’s all for now! C U!


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The New York Times discovers the subway bomb plot

Celebrating 9/11
Celebrating 9/11

For a week, the Times ignored or buried the story of the New York / Colorado bombers but today it has decided that it’s significant news after all . If you read the article, you’ll find that it was the use of wiretaps that enabled the FBI to confront and contradict the bomber’s lies and arrest them. And that’s what keeps me so wary of the Democrats. I prefer that my friends who use Grand Central Station and the subway live to come home to their families; Democrats and their ACLU allies would let them die if it will preserve the right of “world citizens” to be free to use telephones without monitoring by Bush/Cheney and the fascist state.  

How’s that prosecution of CIA officers going, fellas?


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Fortunately, they have a solution

UN: Swine Flu could kill millions, cause anarchy, unless “rich nations” cough up $1.8 billion (to the UN). My own solution: doing nothing, costs nothing.Besides, aren’t all these poeple going to drown next year when the waters rise? Screw ’em.


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More bad news about Realtors

What could be wrong about taking an insane killer to the County Fair for the day? Oh yeah….

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So you want to sell your house

Dr. Timothy and Barbara Nolan of 15 Cotswood Road say they do and today the Greenwich Time profiles them and their house. I’m not picking on them here but their going to the press would seem to give permission for others to discuss the house objectively. My conclusion: they needn’t start packing yet.

Price: $2.999. Could be a problem. This house is a 1977 contemporary, not a style in great demand here in Greenwich. There have been two sales of similar houses on Cotswood in this price range but #17 (5,000 sq. ft.) started at $3.995 in 2004 and took two years and two expired listings before it sold for $2.8 million in 2006. The market has not improved since.

#7 did sell for $2.990 million in 2007 but that was in-house (Prudential agent to another Pru client) sale that never exposed the house to the open market. While it is possible that the buyer paid fair market value, it’s also possible he over-paid; there’s no way of telling.

Other than that, previous sales on Cotswood have been in the $1s, so I would anticipate this house having a hard time appraising at the seller’s desired price. Assessed value (70% of 2005 market value) is $1.573. I think that may be too low – Cotswood is a nice street, removed from North Street but very close to town and this house is obviously in beautiful shape – but I’d bet on it being closer to the end price than the current ask is.

By the way, from reading the article, the Nolan’s agent seems to have tried selling it himself, in August, before placing it on the GMLS in September. In my experience, it’s best to expose a house to the full market via the MLS as soon as possible. I’m sure that his August attempt was motivated by some reason other than keeping 100% of the commission to himself – the house may not have been ready to show, for instance – but motive aside, if you’re ready to sell, I’d advise you to hit the market full on, rather than creep in.

One more comment: Barbara Nolan, referring to her and her husband’s ages (77 and 84) and their desire to move to their condominium in Florida, is quoted as saying, “at our age, a year makes quite a difference.” Their agent, however, seems to have a different view:

The $3 million price tag is a few hundred thousand lower than it would have been at the height of the market, but reflects the location, on a quiet cul-de-sac off North Street, about a mile from Greenwich Avenue, Peluso said. The Nolans are not in a situation where they have to sell very quickly, and the price also reflects that.

I think the Nolans need to have a talk with Mr. Peluso.


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When Realtors go bad

realtorI mentioned yesterday that these tough times are revealing some local agents’ lack of ethics and principles but even I’m surprised that it’s gone this far:  ATM machine at Riverside A & P robbed Friday night. Apparently an early-arriving employee Saturday morning discovered a hole in the roof and the ATM machine smashed and called our local cops who, fortunately, were right next door at Starbucks munching on a couple of those waffle-sized RiceKrispy treats. Once finished with their repast, they wandered over and quickly put two and two together and got at least three and a half.

“We see that hole up there”, Chief Detective Robbie Brown said, wiping bits of Krispy crumbs from his lips,”and figure, that’s a clue. Like, maybe they didn’t come in through the front door.” Brown stated that, while there were no suspects, there was still hope: “they could develop whatchamacallit – remora, and kill themselves cause they feel bad, and then we’ll have ’em. We’re death on suicides – get the perps every time.”

Asked if this robbery could be related to Thursday’s jewelry heist on Greenwich Avenue, Brown was startled. “What, there’s been another one of these? Sheesh!”

A call to Greenwich Association of Realtor President Nancy Healy was answered by a recorded message stating that she, and the entire sales force of Shore & Country Realty, would be on vacation in Mexico for an undetermined period of time.

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