A sale! A sale!

18 Hedgerow

18 Hedgerow

To be honest, I wasn’t wild about this house when it came on in March at $4 million. Too close to Lake Avenue, kind of tired, kind of blah. But Joe Barbieri, who seems determined to sell every house that’s sold this year, found a buyer for it at $3.175 and it sold today. The sales  price is better than the ask, but I’m still not enthusiastic – which is why Joe is bombing around town in a Bentley convertible while I’m in my Honda.


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2 responses to “A sale! A sale!

  1. WaitingToBuy

    Chris – there seems to have been quite a bit of activity on Park (Greenwich) Ave these past few years – is this level of turnover for such a small street common? Given that there are at least two rental properties on the street, a house next to jr. league office that is a weekend retreat, an investment management firm in the massive column on the other side and its neighbor has sat vacant since its owners moved to another house on the street – is there cause for concern on this busy thruway?

  2. Cal

    I drive down this street every afternoon coming home from work, just to avoid the Route 1 disaster from the YM to Whole Foods…lovely neighborhood, with never that many cars on the road. Gotta be careful, though, making that left-hand turn onto Route 1.