And now, a contract

Not much of one, unless you’re the seller or buyer, but 40 Meyer Place, a Riverside bungalow “convenient to transportation” as we like to say, started at $1.095 million (!), dropped to $995 and is reported under contract today. But what will the winning price be? The town says $853 – personally, I’d think this was a case for going below the assessed value by a large margin but never underestimate the draw of Riverside south of the Post Road, even if your neighbors are New England Motor Freight drivers roaring by. I’ll let you know what this sells for, when it closes.


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3 responses to “And now, a contract

  1. Cos Cobber

    I bet this manage to get the $850. Where else are you going to live south of US 1 in Riverside for under $1m?

  2. Cos Cobber

    Oh, I was referring today. I can’t say what will be available four months from now.

    If the stock market remains up and thats a big if, the coming bottom in RE will certainly be softer. And I don’t know if we go another 10% down from here or another 30%. Further down, is assured, but will it be material, I dunno.