Brokers stage fire sale

My goodness, the stories of bad broker behavior  (that would be BBB) just keep on coming. Here’s a California couple that turned to arson to get their money. We’re going to have to work on those ethics classes in broker continuing education.


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3 responses to “Brokers stage fire sale

  1. -TM

    either lessons in ethics or how to commit arson without it looking so obviously like arson. they should be done for attempted manslaughter

  2. kidding really!!

    I believe I mentioned this strategy 6 months ago here on FWIW first…

    Greenwich Fire Department could get some real good training. The good news for them is there is nobody home when they are called so it’s a simple put out the fire – no rescue.

  3. pulled up in OG

    Problem is fire dept. can’t assume no one’s home.
    See Prospect St. lawsuit.