Here’s a blow to top executives

Sorry, your insurance card was rejected

Sorry, your insurance card was rejected

Massage therapy to be taxed out of existence. In fact, the situation may not be so amusing. The Bloomberg article linked to describes a Senate health plan provision that would tax all health insurance benefit plans in excess of $8,000 at a 40% rate, thereby forcing all but the most generous employers to eliminate them. This is all done in the name of levelling, of course (my guess is that it won’t apply to the Senators’ own health plan so you needn’t worry about Chris Dodd going without his massage girls). We are going to get National Health care,ne plan fits all, no choice, and limited benefits. Anyone who tells you different, even if he’s the President of the United States, is a liar.


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2 responses to “Here’s a blow to top executives

  1. DB

    As much as I love bashing anything that might become universal, why don’t you watch some of the massive problems with the current mess:

    On tonight at 9:00 on 13. I know, it’s not Hannity, but you will have to adjust.

  2. Anonymous

    Given the incidence of prostate cancer and other prostate-related “issues” among our elder execs, periodic prostate massage should be included in preventive care for execs, politicians, union workers and illegal immigrants