Madoff boys’ Greenwich property coming up for sale?

Maybe, although each Greenwich home, Andy’s at 57 Tomac, Mark’s at 21 Cherry Valley Road (or vice versa – does it matter?) is attached to the tune of $2.5 million already so probably can’t move readily. In any event, Irving Picard, Trustee of Papa Madoff’s bankruptcy, is going to sue the boys and their uncle and their cousin for $200 million. Picard sounded positively gleeful that his suit might drive the Madoffs into bankruptcy and, interestingly, also opined that there are “millions” stashed away just waiting to be discovered. I’ll volunteer to go to Mustiqe and look there, assuming Irv will front my expenses.


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2 responses to “Madoff boys’ Greenwich property coming up for sale?

  1. KC

    It will be kind of interesting to see where the Madoff family ultimately takes root, won’t it? There aren’t really many places like Greenwich that I’m aware of.

  2. Sue

    Wouldn’t one guess be the piggy banks of the son and daughter or Mark and his first wife Susan?

    The kids are certainly not at fault, but they might be in possession of stolen millions.