Change of plans or mind?

19 Doverton

19 Doverton

This building lot (it does have a tired contemporary on it) is assessed at almost $3 million but its sellers wisely asked less than that: $2.6 million at first, then marked it down to $2.2. Today, they deleted the listing and I don’t know whether that’s because they’ve come up with a better use for the property or have just decided to wait out the market.

I’ve never been wild about this land at any price; its four acres are mostly swamp and steep wooded hillside, so it’s pretty much a building envelope and that’s it – it doesn’t even offer much privacy, despite all that land. So I don’t know how much good waiting out the market will do – the land isn’t going to change until the next glacier resculpts it. Watch this space.

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  1. Fisherman

    Not my ideal property to say the least.