Dodd’s exquisite sense of timing

While federal investigators are still trying to round up the terrorists who planned to bomb New York City Chris Dodd has introduced legislation repealing the immunity the Senate gave to telephone companies who assisted the government in wiretapping those same people.

“We make our nation safer when we eliminate the false choice between liberty and security. But by granting retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies who may have participated in warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, the Congress violated the protection of our citizen’s privacy and due process right, and we must not allow that to stand.”

I personally would feel much safer if the citizens of Connecticut would throw this deceitful, awful person out of office on his fat thieving ass and replace him with anyone else – anyone at all.


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9 responses to “Dodd’s exquisite sense of timing

  1. KC

    As long as we’re going to have government, it would be awfully reassuring to think that the various branches, agencies, etc. were not working at cross purposes to each other.

  2. '73Refugee

    Hell, KC, at this point I’d prefer if they all faced each other in a circular firing squad!

  3. The Duke of Deceptiom

    The Duke recently received an email from the office of Ted Ken er, Chris (Erin Go Bragh) Dodd, touting some bs legislative accomplishment. They have my email after The Duke emailed him regarding the Cheshire murders.

    The Duke replied that he had just affixed his “DUMP DODD” sticker to the Audi, and wished him a happy retirement in Ireland.

    Probably won’t be hearing from them again soon.

  4. Old School Grump

    I have never understood the news reports of this event … telcoms are bullied by some arm of the government — the FBI?, CIA?, ICE?, OSS?, Cheyney’s Angels? whatever — into wiretapping, and then they are charged by a different branch of the government with illegal wiretapping.

    Didn’t the Staasi used to do stuff like that?

  5. Rachelle

    I for one wish they were always woeking at cross purposes to the point where they check mated each other. We have been legislating for upwards of 5,000 years and I think we should take a breather. We have enough laws to keep us all busy forever after. Let’s just stop legislating, regulating and all the rest. Now is the time to roll it back. Think Berlin wall and dismantle it all piece by piece. Dodd by Dodd. Frank by Frank. Shumer by Shumer….

  6. Cotswood

    I agree that the telco’s shouldn’t be liable, but we are missing the point – the government should have a warrant for wiretapping, searching, or seizing anything belonging to a private citizen. That is why FISA exists, and it is very easy for investigators of any branch of gov’t to get these warrants. In fact, if they are really worried about some imminent threat, they can go ahead and wiretap, then apply for the warrant retroactively. That should be sufficient.

    Why should we worry about them listening if we have nothing to hide, you ask? If you don’t know the answer to that, you are not American, or at least don’t deserve to be.

  7. KC

    I have to agree with several of the comments which followed my initial remark so I’ll defer to them. Perhaps I should have said that as long as we have government, I wish we could enjoy the shenanigans without such a high cost of admission.

  8. HG

    Of course there is a choice between liberty and security, and I’ve got 100 bad guys in Gitmo to prove it. What percentage have had trials again?

  9. Cotswood

    HG – careful, that is a very slippery slope…